I didn’t mean to be gone this long! Had several posts planned, because I have quite a few new patterns to show you, but somehow that didn’t happen… But I’m back now, after a much too long struggle with a math course. Took the final exam again just this Friday, and I have a good feeling about the result. I don’t expect a brilliant grade, but I do expect to pass. What this means is that I can finally start my degree in biology! 🙂

Other good news: I’ve finally found a Blogger app for my phone that works the way I want it to. This means that I can write blog posts whenever I feel like it, and publish them whenever I’m online. This way I don’t have to spend the evening by the computer, when I can crochet instead 😀 It also allows me to upload pictures directly from my phone, which is very practical. I don’t really use my camera for pattern photos anymore because the flash tends to ruin the colors, which my phone camera doesn’t. Huge plus 🙂


Summary of 2010…

Let’s see… What happened, and what did I do last year? I’ll start with the crafting and patterns I’ve made. There are quite a lot… I’ve made six sets of Cute Little Dudes!
Forest Dwellers vol. 1
Forest Dwellers vol. 2
Forest Dwellers vol. 3
Happy Pets vol. 1
Christmas Dudes vol. 1
Christmas Dudes vol. 2
Then there are the Great Big Bugs, which – as someone correctly pointed out in a comment last night – aren’t really bugs at all! True bugs belong to another order of insects than the ones I’ve made; Bumblebee, Ladybug, Dragonfly, Dung Beetle and Fly:
And then there are two arachnids; Spider and Scorpion:
I’ve also made a few free crochet patterns, plus I’ve participated in a number of fun amigurumi CALs during the year 🙂 I’ve learned a new craft: tatting. I’ve become totally hooked and have even made a new blog for it! I’ve even got a new tattoo to celebrate two very important things in my life – crafting and Bollan:
During the spring term I decided to quit the university for a while, partly because I  didn’t feel like keep trying to get an expensive education that had no real job opportunities for me, and partly because I realized that I’d lost my motivation and wasn’t really good at it anymore. So I only took two exams of the four I’d originally signed up for, and I didn’t bother to sign up for any more for the fall semester.
This summer I had a taste of work life, and I found out (again) that I’m not made for working in social occupations. The cleaning job I had for four weeks suit me just fine 🙂 I then decided to start studying again, but something completely different – biology! I honestly think that it’s something I’ll be happy & comfortable working with later. I just have to get through a few mandatory math courses first (eek!)…
As for my personal life, well, I guess it has been as usual. Since I dropped the university I haven’t had the study support that I normally get, and my boyfriend hasn’t had a steady income either, so the lack of money has been quite straining. Hopefully that changes when I start studying again! Don’t know if everyone supports my choice though, I feel like my boyfriend still wants me to finish my bachelor in linguistics, and he doesn’t really believe that I’ll get through the biology either. He says I quit on everything that doesn’t go my way right away. Blah :/ I’m not the most optimistic person, but his attitude sure doesn’t help.
Anything else? Can’t remember, so probably nothing important 😛

I’m still here

Just thought I’d post a little something to let you all know that I’m still alive 🙂 I just finished taking notes from a really long chapter about eukaryotic cells, and I thought I’d take a small break before I start doing the exercises. *sigh* I read through the chapter last week, but for some reason I didn’t take notes. Don’t ask why… Next week I plan to start on the math. I haven’t done it sooner because I need to borrow a fancy calculator from a friend who won’t arrive in town before Sunday :/ Hope I have time to do it all. I figure that if I don’t spend more than two weeks on each chapter, I’ll get through the whole book by the end of November. Fingers crossed 🙂
Though I really need to focus on my studying this fall, I hope I’ll be able to get some crafting done as well (I have to do something, or I’ll probably go insane). I’m almost done with a new Great Big Bug – a firefly – and I have another one started. Plus I’d like to make another firefly as a mate to the first one. I have only four legs left to make! I’ll do my best to finish it by this week 🙂 For the body I’ve used glow-in-the-dark yarn (yellow Bernat) for the first time! I ordered it from here, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to people ouside of US or Canada, the shipping cost was insane compared to the price of the yarn :/ I tried ordering another brand (white Nightlights) from another site, but they had problems with overseas shipping, so I didn’t really have a choice. Of course I could have waited until they had their issues fixed, but you know me :p Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at the firefly:

She’s quite large, and the back end really does glow! I’m pretty pleased with this one 🙂

Oh, another thing… I’ve managed to get tangled up in a craft project with a deadline of  August 31st, so that naturally has priority right now. Not sure how much I can talk about it yet, so if you feel like I haven’t posted much craftyness lately it’s not because I haven’t done anything 🙂 I promise I’ll tell you more about it when I know how it turns out!

And then there’s the tatting 🙂 I’m hooked! On the bus here I started a new project, and during the next two or three days I finished my first “big” item, a crocodile bookmark 🙂 Thought it would be cool to put in my biology book. The pattern is called “Alligator bookmark” from the book Animal Bookmarks – A Tatted Zoo by Dianna Stevens, but I think it looks more like a crocodile than an alligator. I like crocodiles better 🙂

Bookmarks are both practical and fun to make, and I think it’s becoming a new obsession 🙂 I’m not at all a fast tatter, so I can only make a few rings and chains every night, but I’ve just finished a thistle bookmark from this pattern. It doesn’t say how many colors to use, but I made mine in green and pink. Pictures will probably be up on Flickr and Facebook tonight or tomorrow 🙂

Weee-kend :)

Today was the final test in the indroduction course in Latin. I think it went well, but I’m not sure since it was a pretty easy or short test, so everything has to be 100 % right for a top grade.. The last few days I’ve done nothing but study (except for finishing up the Celtic squares during the Latin classes, but I haven’t photographed them yet, so I’ll post more later), so now I’m taking a well-deserved break to finish off some projects 🙂 Wee!
A while ago I bought a new crochet book, 50 Sensational Afghans and Throws, solely because of the afghan pattern that’s featured on the cover. 
It’s a beautiful afghan, but the pattern is unfortunately somewhat of a challenge. Not because  the pattern is particularly difficult, but it’s poorly written at times, and with a few mistakes. I fortunately found someone on Ravelry who has made this afghan before, so I’ve had help and support through my first square 🙂 My first try came out a little small, and I made so many mistakes I didn’t want to use it (and I didn’t want to unravel it), so a started a new one, using green instead of blue:
I decided not to make all 12 squares needed for the afghan, but only 4 to make a pillow. So far the first square is almost finished, and the other three are almost half done. But then I ran out of black yarn… Today I finally got around to go to the store for more, but they were out of black, too 😦 I guess the squares aren’t meant to be finished yet… There are just two rounds left with black on that first square, and I had hoped I’d see it finished this weekend :/
As you can see the corner motifs are a challenge for my patience:
But, since I’ve been out of black for quite a while, and I really love these squares, I have started a new set in new colors! It looks kind of Easter-y with the yellow and purple 🙂

A much needed break…

Just ten days until the final test in Latin, woohoo… I had my linguistics exam today, the one I failed before Christmas. I think I did allright this time, though I know I would have done better if I’d read more. But time flew past and motivation failed me, so all I could do was hope the questions would be more understandable than last time. Now it’s all done, and I treated myself to a new book (again, haha) of beaded animals 😀 My first beading book in English!
Lovable Beaded Creatures by Anja Freese. It’s a pretty book, though the animals are a little different than the ones I’m used to. This is the only book I have by this author. It has patterns both for beaded animals and woven bracelets, but the animal section is by far the biggest. I need to get myself a beading loom, there are many great patterns I want to try out 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get my missing beads in the mail tomorrow, so I can make a little critter from my new book before moving on to verb conjugation and noun declensions in Latin  :p
I have also started this month’s squares for the Ravelry Block-a-Month CAL. The pattern is called Celtic Granny. I skipped the 5th round and improvised the sc edge to make the square 4 inches instead of 6. Tonight I managed to make these three: