September update

August and September were more hectic than I expected, and all the things I planned to make and post about since I got after the summer home just haven’t happened. Been busy with work, a trip to my boyfriend’s parents, socializing, etc… I thought I’d at least catch up on my temperature blanket, but I’m still very much behind, unfortunately. I just managed to finish June for this update! Doesn’t look too promising for keeping up for the rest of the year… 😛


January to June, which means this is now half-finished. It won’t be a huge blanket, but big enough 🙂

Since it’s the 1st of Halloween today, it’s only reasonable that my Halloween patterns are discounted until the end of October. Right? So I’ve lowered the price of all three sets of Halloween Dudes, and I’ve also put all three sets together in a pattern bundle, which you will only find on Etsy. 😀


All three Halloween Dudes together in one neat package 🙂

Etsy links: Set 1Set 2Set 3Bundle

Ravelry links: Set 1Set 2Set 3


Halloween Dudes vol.3!

They are here! In time for Halloween and everything 🙂 Frankenstein’s monster, a zombie, and a black cat to be the witch’s familiar.


This is the last set of Halloween Dudes as far as I know. I have not planned any more, and honestly I wouldn’t know what to make. I think I’ve pretty much made all the critters I can for this holiday. I hope you like them 🙂 I wish I could get a picture of all nine dudes together, but sadly I’ve stashed them all at my grandmother’s house, so that will have to wait until I go home next time.

You will perhaps notice that the cat eyes seem bigger than the eyes on the other two, and that’s because they are 🙂 The solid black eyes are 10.5mm and the cat eyes are 12mm, because that was the closest I got. I tried 9mm cat eyes, but they looked really beady and not very suitable at all. Besides, bigger eyes adds to the cuteness factor 😀

The pattern is available for purchase and instant download both on Etsy and Ravelry. Enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween if I don’t post again before then 🙂

Free monster pattern!

So these things happened… 😛


Basically I made these guys because I got some new safety eyes, and while trying out a few different colors for one of the Halloween Dudes, I realized I had to use them all somehow. They are very bright and fluorescent, and glow like monster eyes when I photograph them with flash. So I decided to do some basic shapes and tentacles in colors to match the eyes. The bodies are done in shades of gray and black to show off the colors better.

So what are they? Honestly, I have no idea 😛 Either some sort of mutant jellyfish, or weirdly shaped octopuses with too many arms. You decide 🙂 The important thing, though, is that the pattern is FREE! You can download it from Ravelry 😀

I’m back :)

And I have a new pattern for you! Didn’t think I’d make it, but I did 🙂 Crocheted until my wrists hurt these last couple of days (seriously, there is great pain in my left wrist), and I finished a whole new set of Cute Little Halloween Dudes:


A ghost with ball & chain, a crow and a little witch with her broom. These are the first Dudes I’ve ever made accessories for, it was fun 🙂 Also, I should say that the ghost in this set is by far the most complicated Dude pattern I’ve written, and I hope I have explained it clearly enough. As always, please let me know if there’s a problem, I’d love to get some feedback on my patterns 🙂

The pattern is up on Ravelry now, and I’ll add it to my Etsy shop tomorrow morning (it’s getting late and I have school tomorrow). Promise 🙂 I know it’s a little late to post a Halloween pattern just eight days before the holiday, but I hope that some of you will have time to make something from it anyway. If not, there’s always next year 😛

By the way, there will be another set next year, too. Probably the last of the Halloween sets, but who knows. My original idea for this set was to make a cat familiar for the witch, but after trying out the various cat eyes that I have, I realized that none of them were right. Instead I made a crow, because last year a friend suggested that I make a crow companion for the scarecrow from vol.1, so I did. The cat will come next time, along with two other creatures 🙂

Dudes of the Dead

Fourth Ravellenic project!


Made as a mix of two Cute Little Dude patterns. He has the snowman’s hat and she has the angel’s skirt. Her hat is basically a smaller version of his.

I made them in the style of Day of the Dead skeletons (hence the Halloween tag), but really they are based on two Voodoo spirits, called Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte. Both are connected to death, so I made them as skeletons.

I started them in early December last year and worked on them on and off for a few weeks. I bought the black tulle for her veil in January, but they’ve both been hibernating since then. Very happy they’re finally done 😀