Alien Dudes

In May I released a new set of Cute Little Dudes: Alien Invaders!
It all started when I heard the song “Purple People Eater”, and I immediately needed to crochet one 🙂 I then thought I’d make two other alien dudes, and my next choice was fairly easy: Cthulhu! I also considered an alien from the Alien movies, but that’s a trademarked character, and I don’t want to get onto trouble, so I had to do something else. Then, suddenly it occurred to me that I should make an alien with three eyes, so that I wouldn’t end up with singles from the People Eater. Clever, huh? :p

The pattern is available both on Ravelry and Etsy 🙂


Ia, Ia…

… Cthulhu Ftagn! Or something like that :p

A pretty creepy Cthulhu, don’t you think? But he’s cute, too 🙂 I’ve had plans to make a Cthullhu from this pattern for years, and I finally made it. It’s not exactly tiny, because I used a 5mm hook instead of 3.75… Most Cthulhus are green, but I decided to make mine gray with black wings because I thought he would look more scary with the red monster-eyes.

He looks so funny with his tentacles pointing straight forward 😀