Finally, a bear!

I finally finished something for the games! I’ve knitted away on the dice bag, but haven’t made as much progress as I’d hoped. I did finish the bear, though, after much frustration and sore fingers…

I thought it would be finished a day sooner, but I realized too late I’d made a mistake and had to unravel one of the shoes past the part where I’d already sewn in an end. It was a mess. So I took a break and finished it the next day.

In all her anarchic glory πŸ˜€

And last night I finished this itty bitty pink Cthulhu! Another really old wip, also from 2008, but before the bear. You can see it’s made “inside-out” which I stopped doing some time that year. It’s not wrong, exactly, but I like the “right” side better πŸ™‚

I had to make soles on the feet, finish the wings, and the arms. Very strange to have to crochet the “wrong” way now after so many years of doing it the other way πŸ˜› But I gave it away to a friend who was very happy with it, so it’s all good πŸ˜€

Now I’m going to continue knitting on the dice bag and see how far I get before Sunday…


Happy New Year :D

We’re more than halfway through January, but better late than never, right? πŸ˜€ (I feel like I say that every year, I’m so bad at keeping up… And as usual, it’s one of my resolutions to work blogging into my schedule so I don’t forget to post about things. Heh.)

I’m quite excited about my latest crochet project, which is something I’ve wanted to do for many years: Lovecraftian critters! πŸ™‚ (Other than Cthulhu. I’ve made him many times and he never gets old – literally, he sleeps forever and can not die πŸ˜› )

And like I normally do, I got all these ideas that I wanted to try all at once, so I started several creatures at the same time. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this weird picture of a bunch of heads laying on the table:

Roly-poly heads πŸ˜€ In front, from left to right: A cute cultist, Cthulhu and Ithaqua. In the back: Hastur (possibly the King in Yellow) and another cute cultist.

I worked on this project during the holidays, and I now have a few more body parts, a one or two more heads, and a couple of days ago I just finished the first whole creature! A person more than a creature, but still, she’s part of the set πŸ™‚

A very adorable cult priestess. Don’t be fooled by her appearance, she may try to sacrifice you to Nyarlathotep or something πŸ˜›

So anyway, my plan is to release the patterns for these guys in sets of three: two creatures and one human, who is a cultist or worshiper of the gods in the set. Because I started out thinking I’d make all these as separate patterns, but there would be many of them, some simpler than others, so maybe I’d put them in pairs? But then there were the cultists. I wanted to release a pattern for one, but couldn’t decide on their appearance, so in the end I decided to make many of them. It was my boyfriend’s suggestion that I just added one cultist to each pair of monsters. Apart from this first lady here, the other cultists will mostly be made after the same basic pattern, but with different colors and faces and hair.

I still have one small problem, though… I don’t yet have a name for these guys 😦 Mostly they will be cute, they are small, but the Lovecraft universe is also pretty horrible, and I just haven’t found a name that captures that horrible cuteness. Suggestions are welcome! πŸ™‚

In other news… I still haven’t finished my temperature blanket. I haven’t even made much progress since my last update :/ I made the inner part of about half of July’s hexes, and that’s it. I hope I can at least finish all of July soon, and my goal is to complete the whole blanket before the year is over.

And also, it’s almost time for another round of Ravellenic Games! As usual I have a whole pile of UFOs to finish during the games, I don’t think I want to start anything new. But I want to try to get the first set of Lovecraft critters finished really soon so that I can start planning for the games. I’m already excited πŸ˜€

Well, I’ve ranted enough. Consider yourselves updated πŸ˜› Will post again soon!

Alien Dudes

In May I released a new set of Cute Little Dudes: Alien Invaders!
It all started when I heard the song “Purple People Eater”, and I immediately needed to crochet one πŸ™‚ I then thought I’d make two other alien dudes, and my next choice was fairly easy: Cthulhu! I also considered an alien from the Alien movies, but that’s a trademarked character, and I don’t want to get onto trouble, so I had to do something else. Then, suddenly it occurred to me that I should make an alien with three eyes, so that I wouldn’t end up with singles from the People Eater. Clever, huh? :p

The pattern is available both on Ravelry and Etsy πŸ™‚

Ia, Ia…

… Cthulhu Ftagn! Or something like that :p

A pretty creepy Cthulhu, don’t you think? But he’s cute, too πŸ™‚ I’ve had plans to make a Cthullhu from this pattern for years, and I finally made it. It’s not exactly tiny, because I used a 5mm hook instead of 3.75… Most Cthulhus are green, but I decided to make mine gray with black wings because I thought he would look more scary with the red monster-eyes.

He looks so funny with his tentacles pointing straight forward πŸ˜€