New award! :)

Just a few days after my first one! Don’t know what’s happening :p I’m not very good at French, but I think it says “Your blog is charming/a charm” or something 🙂
I got this from Seelenfein, who makes a lot of very cute amigurumi and other cool things. Thank you! 
Can’t help but feel like I left people out when I passed on my last award and could only pick seven blogs… But this time I’m supposed to pass it on to ten bloggers, so here’s a new list 🙂



I got my first award, from SUADDA! Thank you very much, I’m thrilled you like the stuff I do 🙂 Check out her blog, she makes awsome amigurumi!
The award comes with a few tasks. I should link to the person who gave me the award, I have to write seven interesting things about me, and I should pick seven blogs to pass the award on to. 

Don’t know about the interesting, but here are seven facts about me:
* I have a tattoo of the Egyptian god Set on my right shoulder and a small snake on my back

* I have loved dinosaurs since I was little, and I would have become a Paleontologist if I’d been brave enough to study abroad as soon as I finished High School

* I hate to take the bus alone, especially short distances

* I am absolutely addicted to chocolate

* I studied Arabic language for more than two years, spent a semester in Cairo, but I don’t speak a word of Arabic (only read & write a little)

* I met my boyfriend in an Egyptology course about two weeks before the final exam. We studied together, and after spending the summer holiday in different parts of the country we moved in together. We have now been living happily together for six years
* I love all reptiles, but crocodiles are a big favorite

It’s taken me a while to pass on this award, because it was a little hard to find seven things to say about myself, but it was even harder to decide which blogs would get the award. There are so many good ones! So if you don’t see your name on the list, it’s simply because I could only pick seven (I would love to pick all of them!)… Anyway, here’s my list: