Merry Christmas! :)

The presents are all finished, wrapped and placed under the tree, the dinner is cooking, the final project of my Advent calendar is posted, and there’s Disney cartoons on TV… Everything is how it should be. Even the snow that came a few days ago has stayed, so for once we actually have a white Christmas 🙂 All that remains is to wish a Merry Christmas to all my readers.

Merry Christmas from me, Bollan, our families and friends! 🙂

More apologies :(

Turns out that my grandmother’s internet connection is way too slow to do anything on my blog, except write stuff (and my Advent calendar is kind of pointless without pictures). I will have to catch up with all the posts on Monday or Tuesday, when I go back to my mother’s place for a few hours. So then there will be lots of posts, with lots of pictures 🙂 A post with two or three pictures takes about half an hour to finish, and that adds too much to the phone bill, so I’ll just have to do it later… (Beats me how I managed to upload over two hundred pictures on Flickr during a few weeks this summer…)
Lots of stuff has happened this weekend, so I think I’ll just post stuff in the order it happened, and ignore the actual dates on the posts. Hope it’s not confusing anyone :p


Just wanted to let you know that my Advent calendar won’t be updated for a few days 😦 I will be busy packing and cleaning out the apartment before going home for the holidays on Tuesday, so I won’t much have time to finish my latest projects. Plus, I have a few Christmas presents that must be prioritized, because they have to be mailed to my boyfriend’s family on Wednesday at the latest. After that I’ll have time to catch up, and the rest of the calendar will hopefully continue to be updated daily as planned 🙂

Blogs, blogs, blogs…

On my Advent calendar blog I have now posted a knitting pattern for a tiny santa hat, here’s a picture of Tiny trying it on:
I have also posted the pattern on my old pattern blog, and for that reason I have changed the blog title, description and (maybe somewhat confusingly) the url. You will now find my pattern blog here, the old url does no longer exist. (I have changed the links in my old posts, but in case I’ve missed some, I thought I’d mention it in a new post..)

Calendar contest & give-away update

I have a few links to share with you today, plus an update about the Christmas give-away on Tygra Beaumont’s Dollie-cious blog. The ending date of the give-away has changed from the 25th to the 15th of December!
There’s an Advent calendar contest at Thessans Amigurumis, where you can win a crocheted amigurumi 🙂 I know it’s a little late, but if you hurry you can still catch up and collect some points if can answer the riddles correctly.
Fröken Elsa has created an Advent calendar that features her adorable crocheted mice. Read about their new adventures every day!
You can also find a good Advent calendar at Drops Design, with a new knit or crochet pattern every day 🙂 (Note: the link brings you to the American English version, but if you click ‘home’ you can find the patterns in your own language.)