January update

Are you tired of hearing about my blanket yet? Don’t worry, I think I’ll stick to monthly updates from now on, if that… I hope I will have other stuff to post about throughout the year as well 🙂 But I’m just very excited that I’ve managed to complete a whole month and I wanted to share 😀


This is until yesterday, January 31st, as you can see. I love how it turns out, and I’m very pleased with my choice of colors. Not too bright 🙂 But I wish the temperature would go up a little soon. Not because I wish for warmer weather (I really don’t), but I feel like getting some yellow in there 😛

And since it’s now February and Valentine’s is coming up, I want to post a little reminder of this pattern I did last year, for these two adorable little love bugs and a heart. Three patterns for the price of one! Available on Etsy and Ravelry. But, if you’re not in the mood for bugs, you can always just make the heart 😀


I won’t have any new patterns for Valentine’s Day this year, as I have a deadline for some other projects at the end of this month. Hopefully I’ll have something new and exciting to show you soon! 🙂

Temperature blanket update

We’re into our third week of the year, and I figured it was time for an update on my blanket. I haven’t crocheted every day, but often enough to catch up fairly quickly, so I’m pretty much up to date now 🙂

One day last week I was finished with all my hexes, all of them joined together, and most of the ends woven in. It was all good. Then I decided to consult my boyfriend about how to organize the rows of hexes…

Originally I intended to have 24 rows of 15 hexes, and have the last five days of the year as edge rows around the whole blanket. But then I thought that that might be a bit much, as I’d end up with ten rounds of edge… So I thought maybe I could alternate the number of hexes in each row (every other row with one less hexagon) to get a more even blanket, instead of a zig-zag one. Are you with me so far? I started doing the math and found a way it would add up without needing too many edge rounds, but then the boyfriend had a suggestion: to assemble the blanket as it were a calendar, with a week being Monday to Sunday instead of just random seven days.

I will explain 🙂 Two weeks, 14 hexes, per row. That should make 26 rows, right? But, since January 1st was a Sunday, I had to add six “blank” hexes to the beginning of the first row (which is really the last week of last year), which means I only have the first week in the first row. So I’ll need to add a 27th row to include week 52, and then I’ll get a whole “blank” week at the end as well. So it’s a little bit more work, but it means it’s easier to count out the weeks and dates when I look at this blanket later. I think? 😛

So. This was Wednesday last week, so I had a long strip of ten hexes all joined together. And with this change of plans, I had to remove the last two hexes (Monday and Tuesday), then add six beige hexes to the beginning of the row, and then attach the two removed days below the beige ones to start the second row. And now, a week later, it looks like this:


I’m missing Monday and Tuesday here, but I wanted to show you what it looks like after two weeks. Or rather, week 2 🙂

Now, I felt like the natural way of building the blanket was from the bottom up, but with the calendar approach I had to change that. What do you think? Is there a “natural” way to make a blanket? Does this even make sense? I hope (and think) it will be pretty, though, no matter what 🙂 Maybe next year I’ll try something else. There are so many great ideas out there.

Happy New Year! :)

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday and a chance to relax these past weeks 🙂 We’ve celebrated with our families and will head back to our apartment in a couple of days to begin everyday life again.

I thought I would have more craftiness to post about in the second half of last year, but nothing much got finished, so I didn’t have any news to show you… I may make a summary post of the few things I did finish last year, but later 🙂

Now, this year I’ve decided to start a pretty big project – a temperature blanket! I’ve seen others do this before and I’ve wanted to try it, and this year I finally got started on one before it was too late 🙂

My color palette. I’m missing the warmest colors (orange and red, possibly another shade of red if we get an extreme heatwave), but those temperatures are still far away, I’ll manage with the colors I have for months yet 😛 The gray/beige is the background color.

I decided to make hexagons, as stripes are boring and I’ve just finished a blanket of squares. The hexes are small, only 7 cm across, so a blanket with 360 or so hexagons won’t become too big to have in the house 🙂

The first five days of the year! The inner color is the lowest temperature of the day, the second color is the highest temperature. And then a round of the background color, plus a round to join the hexes together. I’ve used this tutorial for the pattern and joining technique.

I really hope I can keep this up through the whole year! I think it will be a very pretty blanket if I do 🙂 And if I don’t finish (but keep notes of the daily temperatures), it will be a project to complete during next year’s Ravellenic Games 😛

Crazy pink bird


Third Ravellenic project is done! And I don’t even know what this is… a thing I started in 2011 and never finished because it just didn’t look right. Heh.

Before the games I had half the body (fortunately with all the details already finished), the wings and a tail feather.

I made claws, two more tail feathers, and finished the thing. Pretty quick and easy 🙂


I actually finished this on Tuesday, just two days after the blanket was finished, but I’ve been so busy with stuff that needed to be done around the house, that I haven’t been able to take photos and post this until now. This also means that I’ve had a few days to finish another project that I picked up, but I’ve not had time to do much, and so it’s still unfinished. Meh.

So that means that this is my last post for the Ravellenic Games of 2016. Only three ufos finished. Not much to celebrate… but at least it’s something, and they were very old ufos, so I’m happy to be done with them 🙂


Can’t wait for the winter games in 2018! 😀

Granny square blanket


Another ufo completed 😀 I started this as a block-a-month cal on Ravelry in 2010, where you could choose between new block patterns every month, either big or small. I chose the smaller squares, so I made ten of them each month.


The back…

I think I lasted until May or something, plus I made an extra pile of ordinary granny squares, so I had 60 squares. I thought a 9×6 blanket was a little small, and I had some squares left over, so I ended up using a few test squares that I weren’t completely happy with, to make it add up to a 9×7. Still a small blanket, but I’m happy with it 🙂 Finished it off with a round of single crochet. The light blue was not the color I would’ve chosen, but I used all the green to join the squares together, and I didn’t have anything else. Oh well 😛


Cosy! 😀