My project for the new hobby challenge :)

A needle felted Chinese dragon! Since the Chinese New Year’s Eve was earlier this month, we are now in the year of the Dragon. I love dragons 🙂 I like Chinese, too, I have to learn more of it some time..
I’m pretty pleased with how it came out, even though I omitted some detailes I had planned. I just didn’t have time to make ears, nostrils and more color, but I like it how it is now. It’s modeled over a frame of pipe cleaners, with red, brown and orange wool. The horns are made with metal wire and seed beads. They came out a little small, but it was kind of hard to calculate the right size. I probably should have used bigger beads, these are tiny.. The eyes are black beads that are glued on.
I have taken lots of photos along the way, so maybe I’ll write up a tutorial later (after my exam on Tuesday). The contest ends tonight, the winner is announced tomorrow. I’m very excited 🙂