Little buggies

Last summer my aunt who works in a kindergarten asked me to make her two little bugs, a bumblebee and a beetle. She liked my Great Big Bugs, but she wanted something smaller to illustrate a song or something, so I started these two. I didn’t have time to finish them completely before the summer was over, so I brought them back to my apartment to give them eyes and legs and then mail them back up to my aunt.Β 

Well, that didn’t happen… The bugs managed to get lost on the bottom of one of my yarn stash boxes, and I forgot all about them. I found them again when I was packing up my yarn to go home this summer, so I brought them along to finish so I could finally give them to my aunt.
I did it, but only just! I sewed the legs on the last one late at night the day before I was leaving again… But they were finished, and my aunt is very pleased. Haven’t heard anything about what the kids think about them yet.
I wrote down the instructions as I went, but I’ve discovered that I didn’t take very good pictures, so I’ll need to make them again if I’m going to publish the patterns. For the new ones I want to use safety eyes, but I don’t have the right colors (in the right size), so I’m waiting for a shipment of eyes before I start remaking them. Hopefully they’re here by the end of this week πŸ™‚ I’m thinking about making these little bugs in sets of three, and so far I have ideas for four sets. Either that, or I’ll publish a gazillion of single bugs, with a discount if you buy more of them. What do you think, would you be interested in the patterns?