Crocheted ewok


Brethupp the Ewok says hi! 🙂

This was a commission from a friend (same friend who asked me to make the minion a couple of years ago). One of her kids really wanted an ewok for his birthday, and of course I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to crochet some Star Wars. A win for everyone 😀

His birthday is today, and I’m told the ewok was well received – it even followed along to kindergarten 😀 Success!


There’s no pattern for this guy. There are other ewok patterns out there, if you want to make one, but I don’t want to get into any trouble making licenced characters. And besides, I wanted to be different and make an ewok that isn’t Wicket 😛



Mushroom rattle

My first project for the Ravellenic Games is finished! Entered in the event WiPs Wrestling, where you finish projects you haven’t worked on since May 2012.


This toadstool has been hibernating since September 2009. Three years! About time I pulled myself together and finished it. Seriously, all I had left to do was sew the two parts together. Took me about five minutes… Heh.

The pattern is from the book Virka Amigurumi by Mia Bengtsson.