Some Christmas presents

I wanted to show you some presents I made this year, and I realized that this is basically my year review post as well, because I’ve barely finished anything that I didn’t end up giving away 🙂


A knitted scarf for my mother. The pattern is called Trillian, bought from Ravelry 🙂


A crocheted and felted purple gnome girl for a cousin’s kid who’s wild about purple and sparkles.

Beaded stars 🙂 These were really fun to do. I bought the wire stars and just added beads! I bought one little box of beads, the rest is from my stash.

And I’ve been tatting again! I think it’s been like three or for years since last time… I found this angel on Pinterest, and of course the blog it was pinned from is dead, so there’s no pattern and I’ve no idea who to credit. I basically counted the stitches from the pictures. Kind of impressed with myself 😛
image  image

A crocheted Jawa for a friend who gave us tickets to the Star Wars premiere in December 🙂


A few Christmas presents

Since the holidays are over and all gifts have been received and opened, I can finally post about some things I made.

wpid-20141221_125351.jpgA very shiny owl 🙂 Made from this pattern (it’s in Swedish, but Google translate is your friend), with metallic silver yarn. I crocheted with two strands because the yarn is very thin, but it still became bigger than I thought it would.

wpid-20141221_125602.jpgwpid-20141221_125615.jpgCandle holder. I’ve seen a lot of people make these and I wanted to try it, but the varying size of the glass jars people use means that there aren’t really any pattern available. But I decided to try anyway, and it actually wasn’t very hard to make the pattern fit the jar. Maybe I’ll make more some time 🙂

wpid-20141224_161205.jpgAnd finally, a scarf. The pattern is called Spiral Staircase, and it’s free to download from Ravelry 🙂 I was actually knitting this for myself, but then my aunt saw me making it a few days before Christmas and really wanted it, so I decided to just give it to her. If I could just finish it first… My only chance of giving it to her without her noticing was to finish it before dinner on Christmas Eve, or it would be too late. So I knit like crazy that day, so much that my hands cramped up and my mother had to knit the last two rows for me because I just couldn’t. My aunt was peeling potatoes in the kitchen, so after the ends were woven in and a few quick photos taken, I snuck upstairs to wrap it. And then it was time to get dressed and set the table, so she didn’t notice that I wasn’t knitting anymore. Phew! I’m a knitting ninja 😀

wpid-20141224_161222.jpgPretty final edge with a row of holes.

I didn’t take any pictures of my aunt wearing it (and I wouldn’t want to post pics of her here on my blog anyway, at least not without her permission), so here’s what it looks like on me:


So now I need to make myself a new scarf… 😛

Flower bag

Earlier this year my mother decided that we should get together and make a bag for my grandmother for Christmas. She’d get the bag and I’d make the flowers to decorate it.

I knew I had a bunch of flowers that I crocheted a few years ago, and I sent my mother searching for them in my grandmother’s attic where I stash most of my finished (and half-finished) projects, but it turned out they only covered one side of the bag. Here they are all laid out on the bag as a test:

Obviously I had to make more to cover both sides, and I crocheted some more flowers and a few leaves.


I shipped the flowers off to my mother so she could block and attach them to the bag, and here is a photo that she sent me last night of the (almost) finished project:

We’re really quite pleased with it, and I think my grandmother will be really happy 🙂

Merry Christmas etc. :)

In this house the holiday is practically over. People are going back to work tomorrow and I have biology to do. Looking forward to studying again 🙂
So did you get anything fancy for Christmas? I’m very pleased with my loot 🙂 Mostly practical stuff like kitchen utensils and new suitcases (our old ones are seriously falling apart and won’t survive another trip), but I got two macrame bracelet kits + a gift certificate for the craft store. Can’t wait to go shopping next week! I think there will be lots of new beads 😀
From my mother I got a convertible cowl/hoodie thingy which I’ve used a lot these last days because it’s freezing cold outside. It’s really nice and warm around my neck (I never wear scarves because I feel they choke me) and I like it a lot. Problem is, though, that a few days before Christmas I just started crocheting one! I just fell in love with the yarn and the colors and it’s so cold around here I had to make something, but now I’m not sure what to do about it. I guess I can always use two of them 🙂 Here’s what I have so far, I think it’s about half done:
Well, enough with the ranting. Hope you all are having/have had a nice weekend! Enjoy next weekend as well, and have a happy new year if I don’t post any more this year 🙂

Christmas Dudes x 2!

I am so happy to have not one, but TWO new patterns to share with you! The past two weeks I’ve been working very hard on some Cute Little Dudes patterns for the holiday, and last night they were both finally done and listed both on Ravelry and on Etsy. Here are all the Dudes together:
Set one is Santa, Reindeer & Snowman; set two is Angel, Gingerbread man & Gnome. Most of these Dudes are a little different from the other sets I’ve made as I’ve never done humans/humanoids before. It was fun! More animals to come later, though 🙂
In terms of difficulty these Dudes are not more complicated than the rest, but some of them do have a lot of details. The angel’s hair can be a bit tricky if you’re not used to putting hair on dolls, but I’ve explained things as best I can and I hope it makes sense 🙂
I wanted to have the patterns up by December 1st (which is today already – yikes!), and I did! Very pleased with myself for that 🙂 Now, however, I kind of have a little problem. I should be finishing up two new Bugs (really not that much left to do), but I seem to be stuck in Dude mood… It’s been so long since last time that I want to make more right away! What to do, what to do…