Valentine’s and stuff :)

It’s Valentine’s Day, and for that occasion I sat down and crocheted a couple of hearts. I know I’ve said that I’m not that into pink and hearts, but I think these are pretty cute 🙂
The big one is made from the free Pop Heart pattern by Diana Prince (MyGurumi). I wanted to crochet it in black, but I need all my black yarn for another project… The little red heart is my own creation, the pattern is as usual added to my pattern blog 🙂
I have also had time to finish the Praying Mantis I wanted to make for my boyfriend, and he was very happy when he got it today 🙂
Today is also Mother’s Day here in Norway, so I’ve made something for my mother, too. She fell in love with the owlet keychains I made earlier, so I made her a pink and white one to go with the wristwarmers I’ve made for her birthday. Right now she’s at a hospital/recovery center after a little brain surgery, but she’s doing just fine and will be going home in less then a week. Then there will be a few presents waiting for her at the post office 🙂

Owlet keychains and a scarf in the making

I have finally gotten around to buying some new key rings after the last ones disappeared, and four owlet keychains/bag charms are now finished. Tada!
I have about four more waiting to get done, but they will have to wait a little longer. Last night I started this crocheted scarf, because I wanted to make something so easy I didn’t have to think or count :p Right now it’s about 25cm wide, but I plan on felting it, and hopefully it will stay human-sized and not shrink too much 🙂 It’s crocheted with one strand of  pure wool yarn (different shades of brown to make stripes) and one strand of white mohair.
I planned on giving the scarf away for Christmas, but now it looks like our new friend has claimed it as his own. I can’t blame him, though, he barely survived the last ice age, so he wants to be prepared for the next one! You just have to love him 🙂