A little Axolotl

A new pattern is out!

2014-04-04 14.30.35

Isn’t he adorable? I can totally relate to these little salamanders that just refuse to completely grow up πŸ˜›

2014-04-04 14.37.44

I have wanted to make an Axolotl pattern ever since I started designing my own creatures, and here it is at last. I did in fact make one of these all the way back in 201o, along with a few other amigurumi designs, for a book proposal contest held by a Norwegian publisher. I didn’t win, and the salamander was put aside for a while as I concentrated on Bugs and Dudes instead. I always intended to remake the axolotl to write the pattern properly and take more photos, but for some reason I didn’t restart the project until sometime after Christmas of 2011. I made the head one evening we had friends over, but then life happened and the salamander was put aside once again, and not picked up again until a couple of weeks ago. But now he’s all finished and the pattern is up on Etsy and Ravelry πŸ™‚

This axolotl is a bit smaller than the original, because the old one was made with double strands of yarn and a 6mm hook, while this is crocheted with a single strand and 3.75mm hook. It’s a completely new pattern, though, not just a smaller version of the original, because as usual there were a few things I wanted to change to get a more realistic creature. Here they are side by side:

2014-04-04 14.33.16Β  2014-04-04 14.31.34

You know, the only reason I made the first one so big was that I didn’t have safety eyes that were small enough. I always planned to get smaller eyes for the next one, as this was just a proposal. Yet somehow the new version is not nearly as small as I thought it would be compared to the old one. It just has more stitches πŸ™‚ The small version is 32cm from nose to tail, the old is almost 45cm. I think that if I had kept the stitch count from the original and made it with only one strand, it would probably fit in the palm of my hand or something. Now wouldn’t that be adorable? I might do that some other time πŸ™‚ Plus I’d really love to make one of these guys in dark gray and with black gills. Maybe for Halloween?