Chinese zodiac Monkey & Dog

Last night I finished two more animals for the Chinese zodiac, the monkey and the dog. The dog came out quite cute, even though his eyes are sewn on a little crooked. Not sure I’m happy with the monkey, though, I think he looks less like a monkey than he should. I’ve actually never been a big fan of monkeys, and even less a fan of the great apes (chimps and gorillas etc.). I think maybe the face on my monkey is a little too high up on the body, it makes him look like a ghost or something. Not as good as the tiger, but here they are anyway 🙂


The Chinese zodiac Tiger is finally done 🙂 It was a lot more work than I thought it would be, with all the embroidered stripes. And buttons for eyes. I hate sewing in buttons, I find sewing thread too fiddly to work with… But here he is, in all his glory:

Despite being very busy with homework for tomorrow, I actually found the time to do some baking 🙂

Yummy 🙂

Well, maybe next year…

Yes, that’s how it usually ends. I always think of new projects and can’t finish the on-going ones, and I realised that I won’t finish what I’m planning for Halloween :/ So, maybe next year.. Instead, I’ve taken up an old project again, the Chinese Zodiac pattern from Aeron Aanstoos. Twelve roly-poly style animals: a dragon, ox, rat, monkey, rooster, horse, pig, dog, tiger, ram, snake and a rabbit. I had made most of the bodies and a lot of the details over a year ago, but I hadn’t assembled anything. So today I decided to finish all the creatures, but then I discovered I had crocheted all the bodies and heads “inside out”. I know there are a lot of people who think both sides work, but since I started crocheting a few years ago I have “turned” all my work, and I just didn’t think it looked as good as it should. And the stuffing was too loose, so I unraveled the bottom of the bodies, turned them inside out, stuffed them firmer and closed them up again. That is, I have only “fixed” a couple of animals right now, but I’m planning to finish them all soon. Looking forward to seeing them all finished together 🙂