Some Christmas presents

I wanted to show you some presents I made this year, and I realized that this is basically my year review post as well, because I’ve barely finished anything that I didn’t end up giving away 🙂


A knitted scarf for my mother. The pattern is called Trillian, bought from Ravelry 🙂


A crocheted and felted purple gnome girl for a cousin’s kid who’s wild about purple and sparkles.

Beaded stars 🙂 These were really fun to do. I bought the wire stars and just added beads! I bought one little box of beads, the rest is from my stash.

And I’ve been tatting again! I think it’s been like three or for years since last time… I found this angel on Pinterest, and of course the blog it was pinned from is dead, so there’s no pattern and I’ve no idea who to credit. I basically counted the stitches from the pictures. Kind of impressed with myself 😛
image  image

A crocheted Jawa for a friend who gave us tickets to the Star Wars premiere in December 🙂


Book of beaded bugs

I have a new beading book, and it’s awesome 😀 Beaded Bugs by Nicola Tedman.


There are thirty patterns in the book, for making moths, butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and caterpillars, all based on actual species.


I absolutely love this Tiger moth!


And the fuzzy caterpillars! 🙂 One thing that’s very cool about this book, and that other beading books don’t do, is that every pattern says exactly how many beads you’ll need for every critter. Usually only the length of wire is listed, and maybe the amount of beads in weight. So this is good 🙂 I hope there will be more beading books like this.

Bird’s nest


I made this cute little nest for Easter. I had some more decorations planned, but this was all I had time for.

I remember seeing something like this on a blog years ago, only made in wire. It was awesome, and I planned to make one for a long time, but then I lost the link and forgot about it.

Of course I couldn’t find my wire the day I did this, so I used some faux leather string I have for macrame, first in brown, then in green. It was wonky and weird and didn’t look much like a nest:


Then I used some tweed effect wool yarn to shape it and plug all the holes. And what do you know, it actually looks like a nest!

The eggs are beads in a weird iridescent lime green, so they’re hard to get proper pictures of. I wanted to get some blue ones instead, to make it look like a robin’s nest. Now it looks like this:

Craft store sale!

The craft store had a sale today, 70% off on lots of stuff, and I got a whole lot of different beads for less than a dollar per pack! 😀 I bought five boxes of 15mm wood beads in all the colors they had:

Wax beads in two sizes:
These really heavy long beads, one in lead gray and one in black:
This awesome bug pendant that I intend to make into a necklace:
And a set of small plastic containers for odd beads or other small things:
Yay for sales! 🙂