Great Big News!

I’m in a book! An actual, physical book πŸ™‚ I have two patterns in Crochet Critters and Bugs:

2014-02-07 14.36.09The Great Big Aphid and the Great Big Scorpion are both very pleased to be in a book πŸ™‚

2014-02-07 14.44.27 2014-02-07 14.43.50

The book came out in January, but it’s been in the works for a long time. I was contacted in 2012 and asked to contribute with two patterns, and of course I said yes πŸ™‚ Last spring I crocheted up the two bugs to get new progress photos and the bugs and the patterns were shipped off to the publisher (Stackpole Books) in May. After that I could only wait… And it was definitely worth the wait πŸ™‚ I picked up the package with my two bugs and my copies of the book yesterday, and I’m super excited to finally have the book in my hands. It’s only two patterns of 22, but to me it’s still a huge deal. And I’m really honored to be chosen along with a bunch of other awesome designers πŸ™‚

Even if you already have these two patterns, I still recommend very much to get the book, because there are so many other great designs. I’m definitely going to try some of the other critters soon πŸ™‚

Well. I’m going to shut up now, but the book is available on Amazon, where you can get a look inside to see what else is in there πŸ™‚


Book of beaded bugs

I have a new beading book, and it’s awesome πŸ˜€ Beaded Bugs by Nicola Tedman.


There are thirty patterns in the book, for making moths, butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and caterpillars, all based on actual species.


I absolutely love this Tiger moth!


And the fuzzy caterpillars! πŸ™‚ One thing that’s very cool about this book, and that other beading books don’t do, is that every pattern says exactly how many beads you’ll need for every critter. Usually only the length of wire is listed, and maybe the amount of beads in weight. So this is good πŸ™‚ I hope there will be more beading books like this.

Yay for the mail man :)

Look what the mail man brought me yesterday!
Super-Super Cute Crochet by Brigitte Read of Roman Sock (creator of the Owlets I’ve made about a dozen of). The book has 35 patterns for cute amigurumi animals, many of which are brushed. I’ve recently got a thing for brushed amigurumi, so this is perfect πŸ™‚ Just look at these adorable guinea pigs:

I had a guinea pig when I was little, before I got really allergic (that started when I was six or seven and gradually got worse). His name was Marius, and he was brown with red eyes.Β Β  I still wonder what that color combination is called, I know it has a name.. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos left of him, they disappeared during a move :/ Anyway, I picked a guinea pig at random (instead of a hamster or rabbit etc.), but I’ve had a soft spot for guinea pigs ever since πŸ™‚ Lately I’ve researched a little about the hairless ones, because they are sort of ugly-cute, and possibly suitable for allergic people.
And a bonus! Today I got my package of safety eyes (ordered from this site), so now I can continue making Dudes πŸ˜€
Allright, since I’m already on the subject I can just as well give you a sneak peek at the next Cute Little Dudes collection. The first two creatures of Happy Pets vol.1:
A hamster and a budgie. Now that I have more eyes I can make the third little dude, but you’ll have to wait until next week to find out what it is πŸ™‚
Just a little note: I’ve managed to screw up a little when I added my first two Dudes patterns to Ravelry. Apparently they should be added as eBooks, but I’ve listed them as single patterns… I don’t know if this means anything for the buyers, because I’m getting help with fixing this without losing any information (comments, purchases, favorites etc.), but it can take a few days before it’s all sorted out. If I’m told to deactivate the two listings, you’ll not be able to buy them, but this is temporary. Just thought I’d let you know that I’m pretty useless when it comes to these things :p

Magazines, stickers & yarn

Last week these magazines came in the mail:

The two latest issues of Simply Knitting, my first ever purchase on ebay! I’m very proud πŸ™‚ I paid enough for them, though, the lady who sold them to me (used, but with all free gifts still intact) probably made good money, but I still paid less than I would if I’d bought them in a Norwegian store… I guess I should subscribe to the magazine, it’s a lot cheaper than buying single issues, but then I only buy the ones with the Alan Dart patterns that I want, so I don’t really know.

Then I got a letter from my mother-in-law, containing these really cute hedgehog stickers:

Aren’t they lovely? She accidentally found them in a store and just had to buy them for me πŸ™‚

Yesterday I went out to get a few balls of white yarn I need to finish a project, but as usual the store was all out of white… But there was a 30% sale on all DROPS yarn, so I bought a pile of Eskimo to make more hats:

After that I came across a new and exciting craft magazine, Cross Stitcher:

I stood in the shop for a while and wondered which magazine to buy, because there are LOTS of them, but when I discovered what the free gift was I simply had to buy it!

Have you ever seen such a cute hedgehog? (Well, yes you have, if you’ve seen The Great Boll!) The world can never have enough hedgies πŸ˜€

Flowers, a new book & fancy gadgets

The third craft book I was waiting for arrived in the mail yesterday πŸ™‚
200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton. It looks like a good book, there are lots of pretty squares with varying levels of difficulty. I think I’ll use some of the patterns for my 2010 block-a-month afghan. The only thing that disappoints is that there isn’t actually 200 different squares in the book, only about 130. The first section of the book has 100 squares, but the second part has about 30, with additional color variations that for some reason count as different squares…

I have made a number of flowers from Crochet Bouquet, and I naturally picked one of the advanced patterns to start with, the Poppy:
This was a lot of work, with about a million ends to weave in at the end, but it’s a very pretty flower. My favorite in the book πŸ™‚ Then I made a pretty yellow rose:

I decided to felt it, but when it came out of the washing machine it had turned into a horrible green!Β 

I can swear the jeans had been washed thousand times before and should not do this :/
The other day I realized that I really needed a 4.5mm crochet hook, so onto the internet I went looking for one, because none of the craft stores nearby had one. I ordered a Clover hook from the same place as the last ones, and then I came across this thing:

It’s a yarn-cutting thingy πŸ™‚ It’s very practical, I don’t have to carry scissors around with me everywhere I go (I’m not even sure it that’s entirely legal), and there’s no risk of cutting my fingers if I have to rummage around in my bag to find it. Unless you have very long fingernails you can not reach the razor blade in the middle:

I put the pendant on a green leather string and wear it around my neck as a regular necklace because I think it’s pretty πŸ™‚