Easter craftiness

I think that Norway might have the world’s longest Easter holiday, at least for students and school kids, starting the weekend of Palm Sunday and lasting all of next week, plus Easter Monday. So ten whole days off is plenty of time to get a lot of crafting done 🙂

I took a bunch of wips with me on holiday, but I miscalculated the amount of yarn to bring, so a couple of things still aren’t done. Boo. I’m almost done with a new Bug, a set of Dudes is about half-done, but lack of proper internet made research pretty difficult, so progress has been slow. I’ve been working on another Hansigurumi creature (finished last night, so a post about that will come later), and I’ve made a bunch of new Jellybean Bunnies 🙂


We’ll be going home on Tuesday, so I hope to get round to blogging some more then. Plus I want to finish the patterns and get them uploaded pretty soon as well, before I have to start revising for my exams. My summer is less than two months away!


Suddenly, a bunny!

2014-03-29 19.30.08

Meet the Jellybean Bunny 🙂

When I woke up this morning I had this idea in my head that I just had to try, and so, a few hours later a new pattern was published! I just thought of little rabbits that was made in one piece, ears first, and in different bright colors like jellybeans. And it’s also a little inspired by the simple shape of chocolate bunnies, which I love, but always feel a little bad for eating. They are so cute! So yes, based on my two favorite things to eat at Easter, jellybeans and chocolate bunnies 🙂

The pattern includes a bit of shaping on the head, but otherwise it’s very quick and easy. And since it’s made in one piece, minimal sewing is required. The pattern is up on Ravelry and Etsy, in time for Easter and everything 🙂

Baby bunny

Look, I made a bunny!


For a very long time I’ve wanted to make a cute bunny with really big and floppy ears, and here she is 🙂 You could say I was inspired when PlanetJune published her awesome bunny pattern, so I guess I should thank her 🙂 Plus, Easter just seemed like the perfect occasion to get this done. Of course, I didn’t finish it in time to get the pattern ready so that others could make it before Easter… I was away for the Easter weekend, and after the holiday I’ve been really busy, but hopefully I’ll be able to finish up the pattern soon.


Seriously, I obsessed with rabbits and hares for weeks! Whenever I get an idea, many more tend to follow and won’t quite leave me alone. I do have more rabbity patterns sketched out, but I think I’ll save them for next year 🙂

Bird’s nest


I made this cute little nest for Easter. I had some more decorations planned, but this was all I had time for.

I remember seeing something like this on a blog years ago, only made in wire. It was awesome, and I planned to make one for a long time, but then I lost the link and forgot about it.

Of course I couldn’t find my wire the day I did this, so I used some faux leather string I have for macrame, first in brown, then in green. It was wonky and weird and didn’t look much like a nest:


Then I used some tweed effect wool yarn to shape it and plug all the holes. And what do you know, it actually looks like a nest!

The eggs are beads in a weird iridescent lime green, so they’re hard to get proper pictures of. I wanted to get some blue ones instead, to make it look like a robin’s nest. Now it looks like this: