Cuttlefish and starfish


Two fish that aren’t fish!

After the Ravellenics, durimg which I finished up a couple of Hansigurumi critters, I just kept knitting rather than crocheting. It happens every now and then 🙂 So I finished two more of Hansi Singh’s patterns, both are projects that I started years ago. The cuttlefish didn’t have a project page, but I’m guessing that I started it around the same time as all the others, in March 2011.

The starfish was fairly quick and easy to knit up, but the cuttlefish… wow. Not so much. Very fiddly, lots of parts and about a million ends to hide. But totally worth it 🙂

I made a few changes to the cuttlefish pattern, mainly the way it was made up. Instead of finishing each piece and stuffing as I knit, I knit parts of it in rows so that I could stuff later. It made picking up stitches, especially for the fin around the mantle, so much easier. I guess my method took a bit longer, but I don’t think I’d be able to knit the fin onto an already stuffed mantle. Anyway, it worked well enough, and I’m super happy with the result! 😀

Some progress photos:
The head and tentacles done, with opening to stuff later (seen from below).
Mantle finished. First few rounds knit back and forth to make the hole, then joined to knit round for the decreases.

So yeah. Don’t think I’ll make another one of these any time soon, but maybe some day, you never know 😛