Mushroom rattle

My first project for the Ravellenic Games is finished! Entered in the event WiPs Wrestling, where you finish projects you haven’t worked on since May 2012.


This toadstool has been hibernating since September 2009. Three years! About time I pulled myself together and finished it. Seriously, all I had left to do was sew the two parts together. Took me about five minutes… Heh.

The pattern is from the book Virka Amigurumi by Mia Bengtsson.


A growing boy & two mushrooms

In between all the traveling, packing, unpacking, eating, sleeping and socializing this weekend I actually managed to do a good deal of crocheting. Of course I could have mentioned this in my previous post earlier today, but since I link my blog posts to my projects on Ravelry I try to keep my posts separate and tidy 🙂
Anyway, again I brought my alien boy with me, with the hope that I would finally finish him this weekend. I didn’t, but there’s not much left. One antenna and the bottom of his feet are the only things missing. And his clothes, of course. He’s huge! I never expected him to be that tall.. He looks a bit freakish with nothing on his head, but I hope to fix that soon 🙂

As I can never stick with just one project for any length of time, I just had to do something else. I found some leftover yarn from a sweater my mother had just finished, and with the smallest crochet hook I had at hand, I made these two mushrooms in just one evening:

The yarn was a little bit thinner than what I normally use, so the 3.5mm hook I used was a little too big. A 3mm hook would probably work just as well, it would just make the mushrooms smaller. I have written out the pattern for these mushrooms and posted it here on my new pattern blog. Hope you like it 🙂