Summer update

Or summer-ish, rather. The weather here is so horrible that you wouldn’t think it was mid-July. Cold, rainy and windy. And foggy. Lots and lots of fog. Bleh!

IMAG2103The beginning of summer was okay, and I spent about a week just relaxing and doing a little bit of work outside, fixed some garden furniture and mowed the lawn. It was pretty nice and quiet. Then I started work, and things were a bit hectic while we got the tourist information office up and running. Then my mother and I went to Oslo for a weekend for a Green Day concert (which was awesome, by the way!), and when we got home, the weather had decided it was fall already.

So, since I got back in early July I’ve had a bit of time to crochet during quiet time at work (which is really most of the time, since the tourists mostly flee from this weather), and now I’m almost done with two critters šŸ™‚ I thought I’d finish them sooner, but I’ve had this other thing that’s been taking up a bit of my time lately…


A few weeks ago I went and bought myself a Nintendo 3DS! Wanted one for years, and now I could finally afford it šŸ™‚ I immediately started planning to either sew or crochet a case for it (because that’s what I do with all my gadgets), but then I found this online:


Have you ever seen anything cuter? Well, it could’ve been a hedgehog, but they didn’t have that, so a meerkat was really the best thing šŸ™‚ I now have a bunch of games as well, so maybe I’ll make a bag for them instead. But right now I’m trying to finish my other critters as fast as I can, because I’ve realized that I’ll be going home to the boyfriend in a little over two weeks, and I had planned to leave the finished critters behind (my luggage will be stuffed enough without a pile of huge amigurumi animals).

The two animals are almost done, I hope I’ll finish them today and tomorrow, and if the weather allows it, I can go outside and take some cover photos and have the patterns up before the weekend. Wish me luck šŸ˜›


Birthday presents :)

Yesterday was my birthday (turned 30, yikes!), and this is what my boyfriend got me:


A nalbinding needle, a crochet hook and six dice. All in bone, and all (I think) replicas of real, old items, seeing as they all come from the museum gift shop šŸ™‚ So yay, I finally have a nalbinding needle! I want to try and make myself a pair of slippers. Bought the yarn on Friday, but I waited to start them to see what yesterday would bring šŸ™‚


After the presents in the morning I went to work, where there was cake, and many of my colleagues had gotten together and got me a gift card for the craft store. So excited šŸ˜€ After work the boyfriend took me out to dinner, and then we spent the evening with some friends, wine and Warhammer. And I finished assembling a critter, so a new crochet pattern is right around the corner šŸ™‚


I didn’t mean to be gone this long! Had several posts planned, because I have quite a few new patterns to show you, but somehow that didn’t happen… But I’m back now, after a much too long struggle with a math course. Took the final exam again just this Friday, and I have a good feeling about the result. I don’t expect a brilliant grade, but I do expect to pass. What this means is that I can finally start my degree in biology! šŸ™‚

Other good news: I’ve finally found a Blogger app for my phone that works the way I want it to. This means that I can write blog posts whenever I feel like it, and publish them whenever I’m online. This way I don’t have to spend the evening by the computer, when I can crochet instead šŸ˜€ It also allows me to upload pictures directly from my phone, which is very practical. I don’t really use my camera for pattern photos anymore because the flash tends to ruin the colors, which my phone camera doesn’t. Huge plus šŸ™‚

Summary of 2010…

Let’s see… What happened, and what did I do last year? I’ll start with the crafting and patterns I’ve made. There are quite a lot… I’ve made six sets of Cute Little Dudes!
Forest Dwellers vol. 1
Forest Dwellers vol. 2
Forest Dwellers vol. 3
Happy Pets vol. 1
Christmas Dudes vol. 1
Christmas Dudes vol. 2
Then there are the Great Big Bugs, which – as someone correctly pointed out in a comment last night – aren’t really bugs at all! True bugs belong to another order of insects than the ones I’ve made; Bumblebee, Ladybug, Dragonfly, Dung Beetle and Fly:
And then there are two arachnids; Spider and Scorpion:
I’ve also made a few free crochet patterns, plus I’ve participated in a number of fun amigurumi CALs during the year šŸ™‚ I’ve learned a new craft: tatting. I’ve become totally hooked and have even made a new blog for it! I’ve even got a new tattoo to celebrate two very important things in my life – crafting and Bollan:
During the spring term I decided to quit the university for a while, partly because IĀ  didn’t feel like keep trying to get an expensive education that had no real job opportunities for me, and partly because I realized that I’d lost my motivation and wasn’t really good at it anymore. So I only took two exams of the four I’d originally signed up for, and I didn’t bother to sign up for any more for the fall semester.
This summer I had a taste of work life, and I found out (again) that I’m not made for working in social occupations. The cleaning job I had for four weeks suit me just fine šŸ™‚ I then decided to start studying again, but something completely different – biology! I honestly think that it’s something I’ll be happy & comfortable working with later. I just have to get through a few mandatory math courses first (eek!)…
As for my personal life, well, I guess it has been as usual. Since I dropped the university I haven’t had the study support that I normally get, and my boyfriend hasn’t had a steady income either, so the lack of money has been quite straining. Hopefully that changes when I start studying again! Don’t know if everyone supports my choice though, I feel like my boyfriend still wants me to finish my bachelor in linguistics, and he doesn’t really believe that I’ll get through the biology either. He says I quit on everything that doesn’t go my way right away. Blah :/ I’m not the most optimistic person, but his attitude sure doesn’t help.
Anything else? Can’t remember, so probably nothing important šŸ˜›

Merry Christmas etc. :)

In this house the holiday is practically over. People are going back to work tomorrow and I have biology to do. Looking forward to studying again šŸ™‚
So did you get anything fancy for Christmas? I’m very pleased with my loot šŸ™‚ Mostly practical stuff like kitchen utensils and new suitcases (our old ones are seriously falling apart and won’t survive another trip), but I got two macrame bracelet kits + a gift certificate for the craft store. Can’t wait to go shopping next week! I think there will be lots of new beads šŸ˜€
From my mother I got a convertible cowl/hoodie thingy which I’ve used a lot these last days because it’s freezing cold outside. It’s really nice and warm around my neck (I never wear scarves because I feel they choke me) and I like it a lot. Problem is, though, that a few days before Christmas I just started crocheting one! I just fell in love with the yarn and the colors and it’s so cold around here I had to make something, but now I’m not sure what to do about it. I guess I can always use two of them šŸ™‚ Here’s what I have so far, I think it’s about half done:
Well, enough with the ranting. Hope you all are having/have had a nice weekend! Enjoy next weekend as well, and have a happy new year if I don’t post any more this year šŸ™‚