Blogs, blogs, blogs…

On my Advent calendar blog I have now posted a knitting pattern for a tiny santa hat, here’s a picture of Tiny trying it on:
I have also posted the pattern on my old pattern blog, and for that reason I have changed the blog title, description and (maybe somewhat confusingly) the url. You will now find my pattern blog here, the old url does no longer exist. (I have changed the links in my old posts, but in case I’ve missed some, I thought I’d mention it in a new post..)

Promises, promises…

I know I said that I wouldn’t post much this week, because of my exams and stuff, but I’ve never been good at keeping such promises. The kind about me not doing whatever I want to when I don’t really have the time. If anyone out there has some willpower and a little impulse control to spare, I’d be happy to pay for some :p
Oh, well, enough with the complaining 🙂 When I got tired of reading last night, I started making lots of tiny crocheted things. Mainly it was for trying out some patterns and shapes from my new crochet book, but then I thought I could make something out of the shapes.

This thing is not really very Christmasy, but I thought I’d show it anyway. I like the shape, it looks like a fossil Ammonite (not the Biblical tribe!), an ancestor of the squid and octopus (and actually not as closely related to the modern Nautilus as you would think). I’m a sucker for anything prehistoric 🙂 I’m thinking about making more of these, possibly in different sizes, and sew them on a bag or something. I like making bags, but most of them come out pretty much the same. I need some diversity.
Anyway, the blog will be my Advent calendar this year 🙂 This is actually the first year ever that I don’t have a calendar with candy or little things in it, and it’s kind of sad, but we can’t afford it.. So I will have to cheer myself up with updating my blog with little things that I make every day 🙂 Well, maybe not every day until Christmas, but I’ll try 🙂


For some reason I just love dragonflies 🙂 They are sort of primitive and a little creepy, and really cool with their two sets of indepentent wings. And they’re so insanely old, they appeared millions and millions of years ago, way before the dinosaurs 🙂 In Norwegian a dragonfly is called “øyenstikker”, which means “eye poker” or “eye stinger”. Not sure why, they don’t fly into people’s eyes much.
Some years ago I bought a book by Ingrid Moras about making animals of beads and metal wire. The book is called Perledyr in Norwegian (“Beaded animals”, the original is German: Perlentiere), and the first thing I made from it was a blue dragonfly. Since then I’ve made almost two dozen of them, all in different colors. These two are my favorites:
Aren’t they lovely? I especially like the purple one. 
I just realized that today is the first Sunday of Advent, and I don’t have anything “adventy” to show you.. I kind of had plans to use my blog as some sort of advent calendar, but the next week will unfortunately be very busy for me, so I doubt I will have time to post very often. My last exam is December 7th, so after that I will try to catch up and share some Christmasy things 🙂