My home :)

Okay, so I won’t tell you the name of the place I come from, but I can show you some pictures 🙂 (And if you are from somewhere around here, you will probably recognize the place!) This is the first view tourists get when they come to visit, in rain or sun:
They pass “the beach” fairly quickly (sorry about the blur – the picture is taken from a moving car):
Then they can stop and watch the Shelduck pair and their ten ducklings 🙂
Tractor eggs neatly lined up or scattered all over (many people here are farmers, or like to think they are when they find the time):
This is the part where my family comes from – practically the end of the world:
The washed up kelp rotting in the sun smells pretty awful at times…
But the birds love the stuff! At least the bugs and critters that live in it :p
A mother Mallard and her eight ducklings:
Then there’s this…

The poor tourists come here to watch the birds and enjoy the scenery, but they often have a hard time getting anywhere because of flocks of sheep in the road. And they won’t move until you push them with your car!

You can also meet this lovely cat:

You recognize Achilles? I know I’ve mentioned him before… He’s not mine, but I love him! He is very cuddly and loves people, so in the summer he spends a lot of time wandering round the camping site to meet new people 🙂

But what the tourists really come to see is this:

The mountain and the birds that live there (well, used to live there, most of the populations are now declining rapidly due to over fishing and pollution of the birds’ main feeding areas). The white stuff in the picture is not snow – it’s bird poo! There are Gannets, Kittiwakes, Puffins, Cormorants, Guillemots, Razorbills and White-tailed Eagles.  Here is a pair of Kittiwakes, a colony of Gannets and a Puffin:
We can have some pretty awsome sunsets:
But this is definitely the best view of the world, from my grandmother’s garden 🙂

The Oystercatchers have left the building…

But there’s a new pair of birds in the house! Well, on the house anyway 🙂 According to the comments there are actually several new birds on the roof, but the camera is now showing a nesting Common Gull (Larus Canus, the North American variety is also called Mew Gull). There are also two pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Larus Fuscus) with new chicks 🙂
As you can see the nest is not in the same spot as the Oystercatchers’, but it’s not very far away. The Oystercatcher chick is actually still roaming around up there, but it’s a large roof, so I doubt he will be seen on camera again. Here are some funny pictures of the little darling:

Despite the parents’ best effort to hatch that last egg (they even tried to feed it!), it never hatched, and on Thursday the family finally left the nest for good.
This week the egg was checked, and they found it had not been fertilized, which is sort of good. Another year one of the chicks had died just days from hatching 😦 But this year’s chick (now named Tjeldrik) is growing and doing just fine! He has been weighed and ringed so we can find him again when he grows up 🙂 He will stay on the roof for another week or two, then he’ll jump the 20m down on the lawn and join his parents in the park 🙂

(Picture from Facebook)

Hooray for Norway!

Today’s the national day of Norway, our Constitution is 196 years old 🙂 It’s celebrated by parades and people wearing nice clothes and eating lots of good food (= hamburgers, sandwitches & hot dogs) and ice cream. All the kids run around and blow in whistles and toy trumpets that make horrible sounds, and then some inmportant people and the king give speeches. To finish the day there is usually fireworks in the bigger towns. This is what that looked like tonight from the Oystercatcher‘s view (the picture is black&white because it’s dark outside):
I haven’t really celebrated it for years, it’s too noisy and crowded and the weather is always bad. We did celebrate a little, because Bollan and her family wanted to. Click HERE for the whole story 🙂

I just take it as a good day to relax, watch TV and do nothing useful, except crocheting a lot 😀

Thou shalt not suffer a spider to live…

Yesterday a spider came crawling up our livingroom curtains. I just squealed and pointed, and my boyfriend jumped up to rescue me. He caught the thing in a cup and threw it out on the street. I took this picture of it just to show you how tiny it was, you can barely see it:
I took two other pictures a little closer, but I had to delete them because I couldn’t look at them. Anyway, I was very happy to be rid of this thing, since sometime before Christmas it had been sitting on the floor in the corner behind the couch where I couldn’t reach it with the vacuum cleaner. But of course, my happiness wasn’t going to last long…
This morning my boyfriend found a big nasty spider in our kitchen cabinet, but it ran and hid in a crack before he could catch it and throw it out. So now I can’t get to the plates and the bowls in that cabinet, because of that darn monster 😦 I’ve had plans for a while about spraying the house down with some sort of pesticide (I just call it “kill”), but it’s not really healthy and the rooms would need airing afterwards, so it’s a lot of work… One thing I hate about spring is that all these nasty critters come out of their holes to plague me :/

The oystercatchers are back!

Every spring/summer the last few years there has been a pair of oystercatchers nesting on the roof of one of the university’s buildings, and a webcam has been put up there right by the nest. It’s not really bothering the birds, you get to see them doing whatever they do, cleaning up around the nest, grooming, sleeping and almost getting blown away in bad weather. They are so cool, and the chicks are even cuter 😀 I’ve been checking the page often and looking for the birds almost every day the past two weeks, and two days ago they finally arrived 🙂 Here is a picture of the pair collecting stones for their nest. You can see an egg by the wall. Two more will probably be laid soon.

The page is both in Norwegian and English, and you can choose how often the picture updates, from 1 to 30 seconds. Streaming video will be up some time later 🙂