Great Big Bugs

These are so called because they really are quite large, the smallest being the bumblebee and the aphid, which are both 24cm long, and the biggest being the crane fly with her leg span of over 50 cm! Of course these could be made much smaller by using smaller hooks and thinner yarn, but I think that they look good with the bulky yarn that I’m using, and the size makes them good cuddle toys for kids.

Of all the bugs I’ve made, only one – the aphid – is actually a bug. There are two arachnids, the rest are different kinds of insects, like beetles, flies and bees.

Patterns for all the bugs are available for purchase both on Ravelry and Etsy. Patterns for the Aphid and Scorpion can also be found in the book Crochet Critters and Bugs from Stackpole Books.











Pair of Fireflies (available separately):


Dung beetle:








Crane fly:


Honey bee:

IMAG2177  IMAG2180


Any comments?

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