Crazy pink bird


Third Ravellenic project is done! And I don’t even know what this is… a thing I started in 2011 and never finished because it just didn’t look right. Heh.

Before the games I had half the body (fortunately with all the details already finished), the wings and a tail feather.

I made claws, two more tail feathers, and finished the thing. Pretty quick and easy 🙂


I actually finished this on Tuesday, just two days after the blanket was finished, but I’ve been so busy with stuff that needed to be done around the house, that I haven’t been able to take photos and post this until now. This also means that I’ve had a few days to finish another project that I picked up, but I’ve not had time to do much, and so it’s still unfinished. Meh.

So that means that this is my last post for the Ravellenic Games of 2016. Only three ufos finished. Not much to celebrate… but at least it’s something, and they were very old ufos, so I’m happy to be done with them 🙂


Can’t wait for the winter games in 2018! 😀


Granny square blanket


Another ufo completed 😀 I started this as a block-a-month cal on Ravelry in 2010, where you could choose between new block patterns every month, either big or small. I chose the smaller squares, so I made ten of them each month.


The back…

I think I lasted until May or something, plus I made an extra pile of ordinary granny squares, so I had 60 squares. I thought a 9×6 blanket was a little small, and I had some squares left over, so I ended up using a few test squares that I weren’t completely happy with, to make it add up to a 9×7. Still a small blanket, but I’m happy with it 🙂 Finished it off with a round of single crochet. The light blue was not the color I would’ve chosen, but I used all the green to join the squares together, and I didn’t have anything else. Oh well 😛


Cosy! 😀

Crocheted moebius cowl


First project of the 2016 Ravellenic Games is finished! Ends woven in and everything 🙂

This cowl was started shortly before Christmas in 2010, but I abandoned it because I got one for Christmas (mentioned briefly in this post), and I never picked this back up. Found it again earlier this summer when sorting through some old stuff at my mother’s house, so I decided it was time 🙂 I’d gotten this far before I left it:


The pattern is called Snowy Day Moebius Neckwarmer and is a free Ravelry download 🙂