Oven mitt


Recognize the fabric? 🙂 I’m pretty proud of this one, but somehow I completely forgot to post about it!

I finished it more than a month ago, but it was a birthday present, so I had to wait to blog about it. The birthday was more than a week ago, and then I just forgot.


My aunt used to have this oven mitt with a heat proof fabric on one side, and it was the best oven mitt ever. But eventually it was so worn out that the heat resistance was pretty much gone. She looked everywhere for years and couldn’t find any one like it. So then I got the idea to search the internet for that kind of fabric, because if I could get some, I could just make her a new mitt! I found the fabric here before Christmas, but I never found the time to sew then, so it became a birthday present instead. And I think it was a huge success 🙂 She tested it and said it worked great, so I’m happy. I might use what’s left of the fabric for some new potholders for us later.

I made the mitt in two parts and with a double layer of padding in between. Naturally the opening on top was too small to fit around the sewing machine, so I had to do the final seam by hand.


Not too shabby, though, I think 😛



Ugly potholders

My second Ravellenic project, finished last night. Entered in both in Home Stuff Hammerthrow and Synchronized Stash Busting (yarn must be a year or older).

I can’t stand these colors. I like the turquoise fine on its own, but not in this combination. The reason I picked these colors was simply because they were the only ones I brought with me on holiday. I intended to use them to tie my hair (which is now dreaded) so they matched an outfit I brought. (Of course I ended up wearing something else, so the yarn was never used.)

The yarn has been in my stash for at least two years. It’s possible that the light blue was bought for the last potholders I made, in 2010, but the turquoise was one of the first yarns I bought back when I learned to crochet. That was in 2008. Old yarn!

Didn’t quite know what to do with this pair, but for some reason my grandmother really liked them, so I gave them to her. Don’t really match any colors in her kitchen, though… 🙂

Another picture taken in daylight. Not sure which of the photos have the most correct colors…

Potholders galore!

I’ve been very busy lately, because one day I suddenly decided to make something for everyone in my family for Christmas! Potholders seemed like a good idea and I had some cool yarn I wanted to try, so I started making loads of them… The first I made really big, because I only wanted to make one:
I didn’t realize until it was half done that my choice of yarn was a bit off. The yarn does not take heat (no ironing) and needs to be hand washed. Great. So I got some ordinary cotton yarn and made a padding for the back. I think it’ll work, I just need to inform the recipient… The pattern is found HERE.
I already had the yarn for a second potholder, so I decided to do the same with that one. The back is padded with darker brown yarn, as I couldn’t find an exact match:
The pattern is the same as the first one, but I ran out of time and had to make it one round smaller. Don’t think the recipient will mind, though 🙂
I found some other brand of fancy yarn I wanted to try, so I made two pairs of small potholders from this pattern. The yarn has something called ‘milk fibers’ in it (whatever that is), and can only be washed on 30 degrees C. Hmpf! So I made cotton backings for these potholders as well, beige for the gray/beige ones and black for the orange/purple ones:
Finally I used some of the leftover cotton and made up an apple wedge potholder for my grandmother:
It’s very simple; just a circle with the last round done in apple skin color. The pits were crocheted separately and sewn on before I folded the thing in half and sewed along the green edge. Tada 🙂
I had to rush these because I had to get them shipped in the mail before December 16th. I made it (barely), so now I’ve been relaxing for a few days with a project for myself, which I’ll blog about later 🙂 I still have a few Christmas presents to finish, though, but they don’t have to be wrapped until Christmas Eve! Heh :p