2013 craftiness

Finally. I promised I’d make this post, and I better get to it while it’s still the beginning of the year, right? πŸ˜›

For some reason it feels like I didn’t really get much done last year. There was a lot of fiddling about with new things and few projects and patterns were actually finished. School kept me pretty busy, and otherwise I guess I was just distracted and somewhat uninspired. Let’s hope 2014 brings more time and motivation to get things done πŸ˜€

On New Year’s Eve last year a friend showed me the basics of nalbinding, which I’d wanted to try for ages, and after watching some videos on YouTube I got the hang of it pretty quickly. My boyfriend gave me a needle for my birthday and I immediately started a pair of slippers. They aren’t done yet, because I sort of stranded at the heel. They are both missing heel and toe at the moment, but I hope I can finish them soon because our apartment is so cold… After I gave up on the slippers I moved on to some wrist warmers, but I had the brilliant idea to knit some fur edges on them with a mohair yarn or something, so naturally, they aren’t finished yet either. Sigh.

After that I dug out my sewing machine and made this cute little sleeve for my new tablet:

wpid-IMAG1033.jpgAnd I finished the bag for my boyfriend, the one I’d been working on since summer:

wpid-IMAG1130-1.jpgNext I finished and posted the pattern for a crocheted Man-o-War:

wpid-IMAG1082.jpgAnd I made a brown slug for Fresh Stitches’ slug-along:

wpid-IMAG1140.jpgPlus I had to make a case for my nalbinding needles:

wpid-IMAG1132.jpgIn February I made two of PlanetJune’s awesome cephalopods, a nautilus and an octopus:

IMAG1215When the school semester started for real I didn’t do much of anything. A couple of stitches here and there on various stuff that was never finished. Oh, except for two bugs I made for a book! But more about that later πŸ™‚

After my exams I was really exhausted and just wanted to do something silly and simple for myself, so I crocheted this fat little grub:

wpid-IMAG1938.jpgDuring the summer holiday I finished two new patterns, first a Great Big Honey Bee and then a Tardigrade:

IMAG2285In August I finished another Great Big Bug I’d been working on for a while, but sadly the pattern for it is still not ready. I have another one I want to make before I publish the two patterns together. But here, have a teaser:

IMAG2632I also did a new set of Dudes, the first in a series of Australian animals. No pattern yet, sorry. I really need to sit my butt down and finish it…

IMAG2555Before Halloween I made this set of alien critters, basically as a test to see how the safety eyes I’d just bought would look. Free pattern available on Ravelry:

20131003_151148And finally I made the third and last set of Halloween Dudes:

20131018_151108After that I started making Christmas presents, which is why I couldn’t blog much about what I was doing… First I made a Minion (from the movie Despicable Me) for a friend to give to her son. As far as I know he was really happy with his present πŸ™‚

20131121_162040-1I finished a soccer fan doll for my aunt, one that I actually started a few years ago for her birthday but never finished. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, even though blue and orange is probably my least favorite color combo:

20131203_130253Also since October 12th the new Pokemon games were out, and they kept me busy for quite a while. So yeah, I found myself a new obsession πŸ™‚ And of course I had to try and crochet one! This is my slightly odd version of Espurr, one of the new ones from these games (it’s kind of a cat):

2013-11-22 16.51.13I made a bunch of flowers and leaves to put on a bag for my grandmother (here’s the post):

wpid-20131209_100254.jpg wpid-20131209_100611.jpgI’d wanted to try plastic canvas for years, but none of the local stores here had even heard of it. Then finally it dawned on me to check eBay (duh!) and I made a lightning bolt bookmark for my boyfriend (the David Bowie/Aladdin Sane thing again):

20131211_200812And a small box for my mother to keep her new row counter in to keep it from counting while in her bag etc (also found on eBay lol):

20131216_210215And that’s about it, I think. Well. I thought I hadn’t done much, but it seem I’ve been busy enough πŸ™‚ I just haven’t published a lot of new patterns… I’ll try to work on that this year πŸ™‚


New patterns and stuff

The past few days have been busy (I’ve suddenly got a job and everything, but more about that later), but I’ve still managed to publish two new patterns πŸ˜€ And one of them is free, yay!Β 

Strawberries, anyone? This is the first free amigurumi pattern I’ve made in ages, so now I felt it was time for another one πŸ™‚ I know there are several free strawberry patterns out there already, but I hope you enjoy these anyway. I really like that bowl thingy, I found it by accident when I was looking for something in a cabinet, and I knew I had to make some fruit or something to put in it πŸ™‚ So I made three of these berries in an afternoon, in between painting my grandmother’s garden furniture. You can find the pattern HERE.
The other pattern is a new set of Dudes, volume 3 of the Forest Dwellers: beaver, skunk & mouse πŸ™‚
So far I have only added the pattern on Ravelry, because I’m considering giving up on my Etsy shop. Except from one sale I’ve only sold my patterns through Ravelry. The latter is also a lot cheaper, which for me is a very good reason to ditch Etsy for selling.Β  A while ago I got both an Etsy bill and a Ravelry bill, and they were as good as identical. The difference was that the Etsy bill was (except for the one sale) all listing fees, while the Ravelry bill was only for actual sales! I’ll naturally keep my Etsy account to buy patterns, but I think I’ll just let my current listings expire and not renew them. We’ll see…
Oh, and another thing… My Great Big Dragonfly is apparently not a Dragonfly at all, but a Damselfly! Thanks to Weird Bug Lady for pointing it out (on Twitter) πŸ™‚ The difference is in the wings and the eyes. The dragonfly’s eyes are very large and meet on top of the head, while the damselfly has separate eyes on the sides of the head. The damselfly also has four virtually identical wings, and the dragonfly has broader back wings. Also, most damselflies fold their wings back along their body when resting, which dragonflies never do. There you have it πŸ™‚ (Though I will not change the name of my pattern, just thought I’d clear things up! I like things to be correct.) Images from Wikipedia:

By the way, my work on the Great Big Fly I’ve mentioned has stagnated a bit lately, so I don’t know when the pattern will be ready… I’m just so tired of making legs :/ I have finished four Bugs so far, including one spider, which makes a total of 18 legs! That’s a record of identical parts I’ve ever made πŸ™‚ I’ve had little time for crafting the past two weeks (except to finish my stuff for the market), and when I have had the time I haven’t felt like doing something repetative like bug legs… I’ve wanted to do something else, like crocheting strawberries or stitching up a tiny meerkat πŸ˜€

Over the weekend with the market over and done with I hope to find some more energy to finish the Bugs I’m working on, but I also have a physically demanding job right now, which I aslo have to walk to (20 minutes uphill to get there!), so when I get home I just crash on the couch… I should be done with the job some day next week, so hopefully… πŸ™‚

Update: As one of my readers pointed out, the number of bug legs is supposed to be 26, not 18 πŸ™‚ However, I have made two of the legs for the fly, so I guess that makes it 28! I think I counted four legs on each bug and six on the spider yesterday. Or something. I don’t know, I don’t really do math, numbers just get me all confused :p

Before I go…

…to visit my grandmother for the weekend (where the internet is horrible and I probably won’t use it much), I thought I’d give you a little preview of some upcoming patterns πŸ™‚ After I got my new job yesterday I was in such a good mood that I made almost two new Dudes and started a third! Here’s a mallard duck and a beaver:
I still haven’t decided if they will be in the same set, so I’m not sure if a pattern will be ready over the weekend, but I’ll do my best πŸ™‚ I’ll also try to finish the next Great Big Bug for Tuesday, which will be a fly! A housefly, not a blowfly πŸ™‚ I think flies are fascinating, though I don’t want them near my food, I love to watch them groom themselves. I have some other stuff to finish as well, plus I really want to begin my owl for The Great Owl CAL πŸ˜€
Ooh, and I’ve also stitched up one of my many tiny cross stitch kits! It took me just a few hours to finish – instant satisfaction πŸ˜€ Naturally I started with one of the hedgehogs:
His nose/face is one stitch shorter than it should be, but I think that only made him cuter, so I didn’t correct it πŸ™‚
Well, it’s past four in the afternoon, and I think my uncle will be her to pick me up soon, so I’d better finish packing. I can’t believe how much stuff I have to bring just for a short weekend! A small suitcase full of yarn and WIPs, my backpack with more yarn, stuffing, a bottle of wine and my laptop, a handbag with even more yarn, a shopping bag with food, and a little laundry that I haven’t had time to do… *whew* But Bollan is already packed and ready to go, and that’s the most important thing πŸ™‚

Oops :)

I did it again! I found an ad in my Cross Stitcher magazine for some really tiny and cute cross stitch kits, and I immediately went online to check it out. And guess what, half an hour later I had ordered a whole bunch of kits… They arrived today, and I can’t wait to get the market/fair-thingy over with so I can relax and make some stuff for myself πŸ™‚
There are the obligatory hedgehog kits (I think I bought all of them!):

Some owls, a penguin and a really cute chick with a worm (which reminds me of the Oystercatcher chick):

A meerkat, a camel and a cat tumbling around with leaves in the wind:

And a tiny viking:

I think I’ll have to make the viking for a friend of mine, who’s really into vikings and reenactment with swords and axes and stuff. The cat I thought I’d give to my sister-in-law, who loves cats, and the sillier the better. I might make the meerkat for my boyfriend, because he was a really huge fan of Meerkat Manor. The rest I’ll keep for myself πŸ™‚
And a bonus!Β 

The rest of the box was filled with a huge sheet of bubble wrap πŸ™‚ Happiness! It’s good quality bubble wrap, too, it really pops quite loud πŸ˜€
If you’re interested, you can find the cross stitch site HERE. But I warn you, there is a LOT of cuteness! πŸ™‚