My home :)

Okay, so I won’t tell you the name of the place I come from, but I can show you some pictures 🙂 (And if you are from somewhere around here, you will probably recognize the place!) This is the first view tourists get when they come to visit, in rain or sun:
They pass “the beach” fairly quickly (sorry about the blur – the picture is taken from a moving car):
Then they can stop and watch the Shelduck pair and their ten ducklings 🙂
Tractor eggs neatly lined up or scattered all over (many people here are farmers, or like to think they are when they find the time):
This is the part where my family comes from – practically the end of the world:
The washed up kelp rotting in the sun smells pretty awful at times…
But the birds love the stuff! At least the bugs and critters that live in it :p
A mother Mallard and her eight ducklings:
Then there’s this…

The poor tourists come here to watch the birds and enjoy the scenery, but they often have a hard time getting anywhere because of flocks of sheep in the road. And they won’t move until you push them with your car!

You can also meet this lovely cat:

You recognize Achilles? I know I’ve mentioned him before… He’s not mine, but I love him! He is very cuddly and loves people, so in the summer he spends a lot of time wandering round the camping site to meet new people 🙂

But what the tourists really come to see is this:

The mountain and the birds that live there (well, used to live there, most of the populations are now declining rapidly due to over fishing and pollution of the birds’ main feeding areas). The white stuff in the picture is not snow – it’s bird poo! There are Gannets, Kittiwakes, Puffins, Cormorants, Guillemots, Razorbills and White-tailed Eagles.  Here is a pair of Kittiwakes, a colony of Gannets and a Puffin:
We can have some pretty awsome sunsets:
But this is definitely the best view of the world, from my grandmother’s garden 🙂

Back in town

For a little while, anyway.. Just enough time to let you know I’m still alive, upload a bunch of photos and write a few posts 🙂
The past week or so I’ve been staying with my grandmother. The plan was to help out with a lot of gardening and stuff, and to paint all the garden furniture white (we’re tired of a very boring green), but the weather’s been bad most days, so very little of this has actually been done :/ On Tuesday we did manage to dig up some stone tiles across the lawn that just didn’t look good anymore. I carried the tiles away and used them to make a path and a small step up to my gran’s new tool shed. Bollan and Glyptodon tried to reach the door, but even together they are a bit too short. Fortunately my grandmother is a little taller 🙂
Carrying all those tiles were hard work, and the next day I was so stiff and sore all over I could barely move! But the work was worth it. We dug up a new flowerbed and used the turf to fill in the gaps from the stone tiles, and voila – the lawn is all pretty again AND my gran has a new place to put even more flowers 🙂
Then it was rainy again for several days, until Sunday and yesterday, when I could finally start painting a couple of garden benches. There are lots more to paint, so I’ll have work to do all weekend when I’m not preparing for the fair. Have I told you about that? Hm.. Well, it’s a fair. Don’t know what else to call it. There will be food and drink to buy, an art exhibit by local people (paintings, sculpture and photography), crafty people selling their stuff, and there will be some entertainment. Among other things there’ll be a play, which I have two different parts in. Very scary. Thankfully we’re not supposed to speak, because everything’s been recorded beforehand 🙂 Most of this will happen outside at the harbor on Sunday (want to keep some privacy, so I won’t tell you excactly where it is – it’s where I come from and it’s a pretty small place). Since I haven’t been outside much I’ve had plenty of time to finish the stuff I’m going to sell at the fair 🙂 Here it is:
I don’t count on selling all these things, but it’s good to be prepared 🙂 I have have so many different things that even if I only sell one of each, I’ll still be half-way to a new laptop! Yay 😀 Tomorrow afternoon I’m going back to my grandmother’s again and I probably won’t return to civilization until the fair is done on Sunday evening…

Before I go…

…to visit my grandmother for the weekend (where the internet is horrible and I probably won’t use it much), I thought I’d give you a little preview of some upcoming patterns 🙂 After I got my new job yesterday I was in such a good mood that I made almost two new Dudes and started a third! Here’s a mallard duck and a beaver:
I still haven’t decided if they will be in the same set, so I’m not sure if a pattern will be ready over the weekend, but I’ll do my best 🙂 I’ll also try to finish the next Great Big Bug for Tuesday, which will be a fly! A housefly, not a blowfly 🙂 I think flies are fascinating, though I don’t want them near my food, I love to watch them groom themselves. I have some other stuff to finish as well, plus I really want to begin my owl for The Great Owl CAL 😀
Ooh, and I’ve also stitched up one of my many tiny cross stitch kits! It took me just a few hours to finish – instant satisfaction 😀 Naturally I started with one of the hedgehogs:
His nose/face is one stitch shorter than it should be, but I think that only made him cuter, so I didn’t correct it 🙂
Well, it’s past four in the afternoon, and I think my uncle will be her to pick me up soon, so I’d better finish packing. I can’t believe how much stuff I have to bring just for a short weekend! A small suitcase full of yarn and WIPs, my backpack with more yarn, stuffing, a bottle of wine and my laptop, a handbag with even more yarn, a shopping bag with food, and a little laundry that I haven’t had time to do… *whew* But Bollan is already packed and ready to go, and that’s the most important thing 🙂


Got back to the apartment today, and it was just over 3 degrees Celsius inside! No time to unpack, just to turn all the heating on, and then I curled up under a pile of blankets, with hot water bottles (yes, plural!) and tea. Lit lots of candles and had a very quick dinner, and now I plan to stay in my chair until bedtime 🙂 Poor Glyptodon had to rest on a hot water bottle, he was so cold. I still have both my alpaca hat and wristwarmers on, and I have trouble typing… It was actually warmer in the fridge! Now, a few hours later it’s almost 8 degrees, practically summer :p

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully the apartment will have warmed up a bit more, and I’m going to buy lots of new school books. Always the most fun part of the semester 🙂By the way, this is what it looks like when I go back from a holiday.

To start with, I pack very little yarn, a few balls only, because I know what I’ll end up with… The strange thing is that I rarely need to buy colors that I know I already have, so I don’t end up with several balls of colors that I use very little of. Quite practical 🙂


Just wanted to let you know that my Advent calendar won’t be updated for a few days 😦 I will be busy packing and cleaning out the apartment before going home for the holidays on Tuesday, so I won’t much have time to finish my latest projects. Plus, I have a few Christmas presents that must be prioritized, because they have to be mailed to my boyfriend’s family on Wednesday at the latest. After that I’ll have time to catch up, and the rest of the calendar will hopefully continue to be updated daily as planned 🙂