September update

August and September were more hectic than I expected, and all the things I planned to make and post about since I got after the summer home just haven’t happened. Been busy with work, a trip to my boyfriend’s parents, socializing, etc… I thought I’d at least catch up on my temperature blanket, but I’m still very much behind, unfortunately. I just managed to finish June for this update! Doesn’t look too promising for keeping up for the rest of the year… 😛


January to June, which means this is now half-finished. It won’t be a huge blanket, but big enough 🙂

Since it’s the 1st of Halloween today, it’s only reasonable that my Halloween patterns are discounted until the end of October. Right? So I’ve lowered the price of all three sets of Halloween Dudes, and I’ve also put all three sets together in a pattern bundle, which you will only find on Etsy. 😀


All three Halloween Dudes together in one neat package 🙂

Etsy links: Set 1Set 2Set 3Bundle

Ravelry links: Set 1Set 2Set 3


Australian Dudes crochet pattern :)

Yes, it’s finally ready! The first pattern set in a new series of Cute Little Dudes from Australia and New Zealand is now available for purchase and download on both Etsy and Ravelry 🙂

IMAG2550_medium2Koala, Platypus and Galah (aka Rose-breasted cockatoo)

It took me a long while to get this pattern ready, and even longer to finish the Dudes themselves. I think that the koala, the first of the three, had been done for about a year before the other two were made. I had originally planned two sets of critters, but I had ideas for two more that I really wanted to make, so I had a huge problem deciding which two of the eight dudes that would have to be left out. Until I suddenly had an idea for a ninth dude, and the problem was solved 🙂

Halloween Dudes vol.3!

They are here! In time for Halloween and everything 🙂 Frankenstein’s monster, a zombie, and a black cat to be the witch’s familiar.


This is the last set of Halloween Dudes as far as I know. I have not planned any more, and honestly I wouldn’t know what to make. I think I’ve pretty much made all the critters I can for this holiday. I hope you like them 🙂 I wish I could get a picture of all nine dudes together, but sadly I’ve stashed them all at my grandmother’s house, so that will have to wait until I go home next time.

You will perhaps notice that the cat eyes seem bigger than the eyes on the other two, and that’s because they are 🙂 The solid black eyes are 10.5mm and the cat eyes are 12mm, because that was the closest I got. I tried 9mm cat eyes, but they looked really beady and not very suitable at all. Besides, bigger eyes adds to the cuteness factor 😀

The pattern is available for purchase and instant download both on Etsy and Ravelry. Enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween if I don’t post again before then 🙂

I’m back :)

And I have a new pattern for you! Didn’t think I’d make it, but I did 🙂 Crocheted until my wrists hurt these last couple of days (seriously, there is great pain in my left wrist), and I finished a whole new set of Cute Little Halloween Dudes:


A ghost with ball & chain, a crow and a little witch with her broom. These are the first Dudes I’ve ever made accessories for, it was fun 🙂 Also, I should say that the ghost in this set is by far the most complicated Dude pattern I’ve written, and I hope I have explained it clearly enough. As always, please let me know if there’s a problem, I’d love to get some feedback on my patterns 🙂

The pattern is up on Ravelry now, and I’ll add it to my Etsy shop tomorrow morning (it’s getting late and I have school tomorrow). Promise 🙂 I know it’s a little late to post a Halloween pattern just eight days before the holiday, but I hope that some of you will have time to make something from it anyway. If not, there’s always next year 😛

By the way, there will be another set next year, too. Probably the last of the Halloween sets, but who knows. My original idea for this set was to make a cat familiar for the witch, but after trying out the various cat eyes that I have, I realized that none of them were right. Instead I made a crow, because last year a friend suggested that I make a crow companion for the scarecrow from vol.1, so I did. The cat will come next time, along with two other creatures 🙂

Craftiness of 2011 :)

First of all, let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I know I’m a little late, but we’ve had our family visiting for Christmas, and after they all left, I kind of collapsed and haven’t done anything productive for days. But I’m back now, rested and ready for the new year ahead. Will have lots of studying to do this spring (taking an extra class to make up for skipping one this fall), but hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little as well 🙂
To make up for neglecting my blog the past months, here is a summary of the craftiness I did last year 🙂 I didn’t think I’d accomplished much, but looking back, I realize that I’ve done quite a lot! Starting with my own designs in chronological order:

Nesting Love Birds, a free pattern for Valentine’s Day.

Three Cute Little Bear Dudes, all made after the original bear pattern (Forest Dwellers vol.1)
Cute Little Dudes – Forest Dwellers vol.4. All birds 🙂
Cute Little Dudes – Alien Invaders.
In April I got a smart phone, so I knitted a protective purse for it as soon as I could. Important not to scratch the touch screen! 🙂
Great Big Wasp.
Great Big Aphid.
Finally got round to finishing the Great Big (male) Firefly (to the left). Sorry about the pale picture, I’ll never take photos in bright sunlight again! No pattern yet…
Great Big Crane Fly. Longest bug legs ever! Pattern will be done soon, I promise 🙂
My aunt asked me to make two little bugs for her, so I made these. Mini versions of the Great Big ones. I’m working on the patterns, but I have to remake them to get proper pictures. Hopefully the patterns will be done before Easter 🙂
Cute Little Dudes – Trick or Treat! vol.1. I had another set planned, but ran out of time (too much school work!). Will save the second set for next Halloween 🙂
A friend of mine wanted me to make a great big dragon that he could give to a kid for his birthday, so I made this. It’s huge! Arms and legs are jointed. I was told the kid’s birthday was in October, so I rushed to finish it, but then it turned out the day was not until November. Oh well. At least the kid was happy. From what I heard, the dragon was being fed dinner as soon as it arrived. That’s a good sign, right?
Crocheted and felted witch’s cauldron, a free pattern for Halloween. I had originally planned to make up lots of creepy stuff to put in it (eyeballs, severed fingers, bat wings, etc.), but once again I ran out of time. Will save the ideas for next time 🙂
As a Christmas present, I made this heart (from my free heart pattern) that I filled with nice smelling things and put in a pretty bowl with some pretty white stones.
And the very last thing I finished last year was a remake of the Kitty Princess, the first pattern I ever made and published. Gave it to a cousin for Christmas. I am in the process of rewriting the pattern and adding new photos, and hopeully it’ll be done before school starts in about two weeks 🙂
So. That was all of my designs. I did some other things too, but a lot of the projects I started last year are still in progress, so I have no pictures to show you… I will post the few that I have, though 🙂 Again, in chronological order:
In the beginning of January I took out Rose Langlitz’s book Tasty Crochet and started crocheting some food. I was obsessed for a while, but I only managed to complete two things, a pear and a salami/lettuce sandwich:
I have more half-finished food items lying around, but no pictures… 
After that I knitted a new bag for my rpg dice, the Dice Bag of Doom! Pattern free for download on Ravelry.
My next obsession was bugs, as Lesley Stanfield’s new book came out, 75 birds, butterflies & beautiful beasties. I made a black slug, plus some butterflies and caterpillars that I pinned to a cork board:
Then I moved on to Hansi Singh’s bugs. I started with a praying mantis that never got finished, but I made earthworms, a sea slug, Kraken (giant squid) and a Blackdevil anglerfish:

Again, I have lots of WiPs that hopefully some day will be done. They are just too pretty to be stashed away in a bag…
During the summer I got started on June Gilbank’s dinosaurs. I think I’ve started about five of them, but none are done yet. It’s just silly, really. On one (the Parasaurolophus), all that remains is sewing on one last leg! Sigh. I think I have an aversion against finishing things :/
I found this really cool knitting pattern on Ravelry, of a dancing goddess figure:
The pattern itself is very simple (knit in the round, and it consists of only two parts, so very little sewing is required), but I wasn’t quite happy with my knitting (uneven stitches and a few holes – I’m no good at knitting in the round on double-pointed needles!), so I decided to felt it. Unfortunately I felted it after stuffing, so it almost didn’t felt at all. It just became sort of lumpy and disproportionate. I wanted to make more of these, but I’ll have to do it differently next time.
The last project I finished last year (not counting the Christmas presents) was this little dice bag:
The pattern is Deep Sea Flower Dice Bag, found HERE. Well, to be honest, it isn’t actually 100% finished, since I haven’t made the cord yet. I just got so tired of knitting with that stupid yarn that has absolutely NO stretch what so ever, I just tied it with a piece of yarn to be done with it. Love the pattern and the bag, though. Plan to make more some time, when I can get my hands on some lovely multi-colored Noro, which the pattern is designed for.
And that was all. Whew! Longest post ever… (It’s taken over four hours to write!) Well. My plan now is to finish the patterns for the things I made last year, preferably as soon as possible. I’ll have a lot less time once school starts, and I think that if I don’t finish them now, I probably never will. So one of my new year’s resolutions is to finish all my Bugs, Dudes and any other patterns before I start any new ones. Have lots of projects going right now, but no new Bugs or Dudes before the others are done. Period. Will try to post again soon 🙂