Cute Little Dudes

These guys are both cute and fairly small (about 10cm tall), and so they were named Cute Little Dudes πŸ™‚ I had some trouble coming up with a name for them after I’d made the first set, but a friend suggested the name, and it stuck. So here they are, in sets of three.

I’ve been asked for custom combinations of dudes, but that isn’t really practical. I make only one document for each set, so splitting them up and recombining them would mean a lot of extra work (plus a lot of space – and therefore paper – wasted).

All the pattern sets are available for purchase and download both on Etsy and Ravelry.

Forest Dwellers vol.1 – Bear, fox, rabbit:


Forest Dwellers vol.2 – Frog, wolf, hedgehog:


Forest Dwellers vol.3 – Skunk, beaver, mouse:


Forest Dwellers vol.4 – Eagle, owl, duck:


Happy Pets vol.1 – Budgie, hamster, chinchilla:


Alien Invaders – Purple people eater, blue alien, Cthulhu:


Christmas Dudes vol.1 – Reindeer, snowman, santa:


Christmas Dudes vol.2 – Angel, gingerbread man, gnome:


Trick or Treat vol.1 – Imp, scarecrow, bat:


Trick or Treat vol.2 – Ghost, crow, witch:

wpid-IMAG4673.jpgΒ  IMAG4674_medium2

Trick or Treat vol.3 – Frankenstein’s monster, zombie, black cat:

20131018_151108Β  20131020_162735

Dudes Down Under vol.1 – Koala, platypus, galah cockatoo:

IMAG2550_medium2Β  IMAG2557_medium2


Any comments?

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