September update

August and September were more hectic than I expected, and all the things I planned to make and post about since I got after the summer home just haven’t happened. Been busy with work, a trip to my boyfriend’s parents, socializing, etc… I thought I’d at least catch up on my temperature blanket, but I’m still very much behind, unfortunately. I just managed to finish June for this update! Doesn’t look too promising for keeping up for the rest of the year… 😛


January to June, which means this is now half-finished. It won’t be a huge blanket, but big enough 🙂

Since it’s the 1st of Halloween today, it’s only reasonable that my Halloween patterns are discounted until the end of October. Right? So I’ve lowered the price of all three sets of Halloween Dudes, and I’ve also put all three sets together in a pattern bundle, which you will only find on Etsy. 😀


All three Halloween Dudes together in one neat package 🙂

Etsy links: Set 1Set 2Set 3Bundle

Ravelry links: Set 1Set 2Set 3


Summer update and aliens

It’s August already?! Wow… summer’s almost over and I’m nearly ready to go home! Had my last day of work yesterday, so now I get a couple of days off before I head home (and work some more).

So. What have I done these past months? Honestly, not as much as I’d hoped. I brought lots and lots of UFOs to finish and possibly sell at the fair in June, but not much has been done. That’s what happens when I work every day, unfortunately :/ I had enough stuff left from last year to have a stand this year as well, and I did manage to make a few more really quick critters, and the sale went pretty well 🙂


My section of the table was small this year, with only a selection of critters. All the quilted stuff is made by a super talented cousin of my mother.


The little creatures I made were these weird little squid things, and I planned to make them into a pattern. I almost finished it before the fair, but ran out of time, and afterwards I just sort of forgot to do anything more about it. So the pattern for three of these little guys is pretty much ready, but needs some editing. Hopefully I will have time to finish it and upload it before I leave for home in a few days 🙂


The only other thing I’ve finished this summer is this pink alien. Kind of looks like a cat. A space cat 😀 Maybe it needs a tail? If I decide to give it a tail, though, it will be some other time. For now, it’s done 🙂 I started it years ago (no idea when), and all that remained was the felt applique, some stuffing and the second ear. Seriously, I think I have an aversion against finishing things 😛


I started two more of these aliens, one yellow and one blue, because I found some pretty green buttons in my grandmother’s stash years ago, and I immediately wanted to use them for eyes. I only have five of the big ones, though, so at least one of the aliens will get one big and one smaller eye. Hope it doesn’t take me as long to finish the other two! 🙂


Buttons for eyes 🙂

And finally, as for my temperature blanket… well, it’s hibernating :/ Barely touched it since the beginning of June, so I have some serious catching up to do. But hopefully a couple of weeks of movie nights will help 😀

May update and Axolotl pattern

Hi everybody! I guess it’s been a while. May was crazy with work and many things that needed to be done before I left for the summer, so there have been no updates. I’ve neglected the weekly patterns as well, but I’ll start those again soon 🙂

I arrived at my mother’s house yesterday, and for once I was able to crochet some on the bus here (ten hours is a long time if you can’t do anything), and so I managed to make and attach all the temperature hexes for May! I still have a lot of ends to weave in, so I’m far from caught up, but getting there 😀


The first red days! Meaning the temperature has been over 20 degrees (21-25 C). Whew! And the two days in a row when the lowest temperature never went below 11….. I nearly had a heat stroke! 😛

And this week’s pattern is the Axolotl! It’s already been reduced for a week now, but I’ll keep it up for at least another week since I’ve failed to even mention it. Heh.

2014-04-04 14.37.44

Links to Etsy and Ravelry 🙂

2014-04-04 14.30.35

Such an irresistible face 😀

Pattern of the week: Great Big Wasp

I’ve started seeing wasps outside, so I figured it was a good time for my wasp pattern to get promoted 🙂 I really like wasps, even though they make me nervous because I was stung a couple of times as a kid. Both times was my own fault, though, so no hard feelings 🙂


Get the pattern cheaper from now and until next Sunday, on Etsy and Ravelry.


And, continuing the trend from the past few weeks, I’m going to leave the Aphid pattern from last week discounted for another week, since it didn’t get quite the exposure it could’ve gotten. Again, I’ve been busy and not very good at social media…


Links to Etsy and Ravelry.

Will be back some time next week with a more general update 🙂

Pattern of the week: Great Big Aphid

It’s May already! Can you believe it? I’m still somewhere in February…


But let’s celebrate that spring is coming by making some great big aphids that won’t destroy your roses 😀 The pattern is now discounted on both Etsy and Ravelry, and will be until the end of the week 🙂

I’ve been really busy with my big secret project lately, and again I’ve failed to advertise as much as I should about my weekly pattern from last week, the Great Big Bumblebee, so I’m going to leave the discount for another week to give people more time to pick it up cheaper 🙂


On Etsy and Ravelry.

My next post will be a reveal of my big project… stay tuned! 😀