Misc animal patterns

These are the amigurumi patterns I’ve designed that are not Great Big Bugs or Cute Little Dudes. They’re just random animals and critters that I felt like making. The list is pretty short now, but will quickly become longer as soon as I get my laptop fixed and can retrieve all my photos and patterns in progress 🙂

All patterns are available for purchase on Ravelry and Etsy.

Kitty Princess:

wpid-IMAG2413_medium2.jpg    wpid-IMAG2412_medium2.jpg

Compass Jellyfish:

wpid-IMAG0712.jpg   wpid-IMAG0707.jpg

Portuguese Man-of-war:

wpid-IMAG1082.jpg   IMAG1116

Tardigrade (water bear):

IMAG2170   IMAG2167

Jellybean Bunnies:

2014-03-29 19.30.08   2014-04-19_14_28_48_medium2


2014-04-04 14.30.35   2014-04-04 14.37.44

Moray Eel:

20170326_205922   20170326_205848-1

More to come 🙂


Any comments?

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