Crocheted needle case

The other day I went into a craft store just too see if they had nalbinding needles. I didn’t think so, but they did! Pretty cheap, too πŸ˜€ I bought a pack of three needles. They look really fancy, like wood, bone or horn, but I believe they’re plastic. That would explain the price. But I love them πŸ™‚


Anyway, now that I have more needles I need something to store them in and keep them safe so they don’t break during travel or anything. So once again I crocheted one of the pencil-shaped pencil holders I’ve made two times before, only I made this one a lot smaller. Great for keeping my big sewing needles as well πŸ™‚


Not used to working with worsted weight yarn anymore! I used a 3.5mm hook, and my hands and fingers were aching. But it was a quick project, so I didn’t suffer for long πŸ˜›


Birthday presents :)

Yesterday was my birthday (turned 30, yikes!), and this is what my boyfriend got me:


A nalbinding needle, a crochet hook and six dice. All in bone, and all (I think) replicas of real, old items, seeing as they all come from the museum gift shop πŸ™‚ So yay, I finally have a nalbinding needle! I want to try and make myself a pair of slippers. Bought the yarn on Friday, but I waited to start them to see what yesterday would bring πŸ™‚


After the presents in the morning I went to work, where there was cake, and many of my colleagues had gotten together and got me a gift card for the craft store. So excited πŸ˜€ After work the boyfriend took me out to dinner, and then we spent the evening with some friends, wine and Warhammer. And I finished assembling a critter, so a new crochet pattern is right around the corner πŸ™‚

Distracted by crochet

I guess I was supposed to be finishing up some projects this summer, but I was distracted and went and tried a new craft again πŸ˜€ Well, not a new craft, exactly, but a new crochet technique. Hairpin lace πŸ™‚ My aunt gave me a magazine page with intructions for hairpin lace, and of course I could not resist trying it. I was online to order some yarn for another project, and then I found this thing and had to order that too:


What do you even call this tool? “Hairpin lace tool” seems a bit awkward… In Norwegian we call it a “fork”, but I haven’t found a good name for it in English.

The technique is surprisingly simple. It’s basically a chain of single crochet stitches with loops wrapped around two rods. Very neat πŸ™‚


First finished item:


Don’t know what it is yet… A bookmark, perhaps? The edge was made by chain stitches and a single crochet stitch into three loops at the same time. Very simple, but looks quite fancy πŸ™‚ I imagine that you have lots of different ways to weave and twist the loops before crocheting them together, making lots of fancy patterns. Will definitely be experimenting more with this technique πŸ™‚

A bit of disappointed knitting

Yes, it is actually possible for me to get disappointed over something craft related. Something I thought would be really cool, and then it was just ‘meh’…

A couple of days ago I was very exited to see that PlanetJune has taken up knitting. There were some vague hints of it some time last year, when she asked on her Facebook page how we’d like it if she designed some knitting patterns. I was ecstatic, as everything the lady does is awesome πŸ™‚ And sure enough, when she posted about her first ever knitting project this week, the result was very good, and I was quite jealous.

Because, you see, she’d done something that I can’t: knit small things in the round. She posted the link to a tutorial on how to knit with a really long circular needle and using the magic loop method, and of course I was eager to give it a try. Maybe it would work for me as well, so I can finally knit my own socks and wrist warmers…

For this method you need circulars with a pretty flexible cable, which I didn’t have, so off I went and got a set of KnitPro (KnitPicks for you in the US) with a screw-on cable. And while I was there, I got two more sizes of needles. I got the acrylic ones because I love the DPNs that I have, and they’re so colorful and festive πŸ™‚ But guess what, the colors aren’t the same! All the sizes have a different color, and I just assumed that the circulars would follow the same color code, but they don’t. The two smaller sizes are the same, but the 4.5mm needles are green, and they are supposed to be yellow. Weird.


Anyway. To the disappointment. There are two things, really. One, is that the joins on the needles snag the yarn a bit. Both between the cable and the needle, and between the metal and the plastic of the needle. So that’s a boo.

The other reason is that because of the method used (as you can see if you watch the video), the last stitches on every needle become super tight, because cable is so much thinner than the needle, and you end up pulling the stitches tight whether you mean to or not. And then when it’s time to switch sides, it’s really hard to slide the row of stitches onto the other needle because of those last stitches.


See what I mean? That last stitch is tiny! That could be why it snags so badly, but I don’t know. I guess it doesn’t help that my knitting is super tight in general. So, I thought that I would finally be rid of those stupid gaps between the needles (ladders, I’ve seen them called), but nope. They are still there, despite the tight stitches. But at least now there are only two, instead of three or four πŸ™‚ Oh, and another plus with this method is that I can hold the knitting closer to my face without fear of poking my eyes out! Heh.

Oh well. I’m going back to my Easter crochet project now. I was just so anxious to test my new needles when they arrived today. I hope to have the project done before next week, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

Craft store sale!

The craft store had a sale today, 70% off on lots of stuff, and I got a whole lot of different beads for less than a dollar per pack! πŸ˜€ I bought five boxes of 15mm wood beads in all the colors they had:

Wax beads in two sizes:
These really heavy long beads, one in lead gray and one in black:
This awesome bug pendant that I intend to make into a necklace:
And a set of small plastic containers for odd beads or other small things:
Yay for sales! πŸ™‚