Market day

I thought I would post on Monday, but I forgot that it was Midsummer and that celebrating always takes longer than I think. And then yesterday I was busy dismantling and cleaning a chandelier. But now I finally have time to sit down and write 🙂

A picture of my table of stuff before the market opened:

The weather on Sunday was awful, I think for the first time since this thing started. We didn’t expect too many people to show up, but I think most were pleasantly surprised. Still less than previous years, though. Despite the low number of visitors, I did manage to sell a few things and made quite a bit of money 🙂 (New Pokemon games released in November, woo!)

I sold three Bugs, six Dudes, the unicorn I made for the Ravellenics, two Jellybean Bunnies and some other things I’ve made since last time (two years ago). I still have a huge pile left for next time, and I expect it will grow a lot bigger before then, which will probably be in another two years.

By the way, I took a quick picture of all nine Halloween Dudes together before the market, and good thing I remembered, because both the cat and the witch are now gone.


The spooky gang 🙂



Summer update

Or summer-ish, rather. The weather here is so horrible that you wouldn’t think it was mid-July. Cold, rainy and windy. And foggy. Lots and lots of fog. Bleh!

IMAG2103The beginning of summer was okay, and I spent about a week just relaxing and doing a little bit of work outside, fixed some garden furniture and mowed the lawn. It was pretty nice and quiet. Then I started work, and things were a bit hectic while we got the tourist information office up and running. Then my mother and I went to Oslo for a weekend for a Green Day concert (which was awesome, by the way!), and when we got home, the weather had decided it was fall already.

So, since I got back in early July I’ve had a bit of time to crochet during quiet time at work (which is really most of the time, since the tourists mostly flee from this weather), and now I’m almost done with two critters 🙂 I thought I’d finish them sooner, but I’ve had this other thing that’s been taking up a bit of my time lately…


A few weeks ago I went and bought myself a Nintendo 3DS! Wanted one for years, and now I could finally afford it 🙂 I immediately started planning to either sew or crochet a case for it (because that’s what I do with all my gadgets), but then I found this online:


Have you ever seen anything cuter? Well, it could’ve been a hedgehog, but they didn’t have that, so a meerkat was really the best thing 🙂 I now have a bunch of games as well, so maybe I’ll make a bag for them instead. But right now I’m trying to finish my other critters as fast as I can, because I’ve realized that I’ll be going home to the boyfriend in a little over two weeks, and I had planned to leave the finished critters behind (my luggage will be stuffed enough without a pile of huge amigurumi animals).

The two animals are almost done, I hope I’ll finish them today and tomorrow, and if the weather allows it, I can go outside and take some cover photos and have the patterns up before the weekend. Wish me luck 😛

Summer update

Hey! Sorry for being quiet for so long… Lots of stuff going on! Not all of it craft-related.

I’ve been pretty busy the last few months, with school, exams, work, finding a new place to live… Right now I’m at home with my mother and grandmother while working my summer job. It takes a lot of my time and energy, and the rest of my days I’m (supposed to be) helping out around the house. The house is getting new wood cladding (done by my carpenter uncle) and new paint on all walls, so there’s enough to do. At the end of the day I don’t have much energy to crochet.

After my exams were done I had a few days off, which I mostly spent packing both for the move and for the summer holiday. And then I was off on a biology field trip for a week, and very little crafting was done.

When I did do some craftiness, I ended up doing everything at once. I have about a million new projects in various stages of completion. I planned to finish a couple new sets of Cute Little Dudes and one Great Big Bug this summer, but so far I haven’t really worked much on either. Instead I’ve been sewing a bag for my boyfriend, because I promised him it would be done by Easter. Heh. Some other small projects are also started, but so far I’ve nothing much to show you. Will post about it as soon as I finish something 😀

Back in town

For a little while, anyway.. Just enough time to let you know I’m still alive, upload a bunch of photos and write a few posts 🙂
The past week or so I’ve been staying with my grandmother. The plan was to help out with a lot of gardening and stuff, and to paint all the garden furniture white (we’re tired of a very boring green), but the weather’s been bad most days, so very little of this has actually been done :/ On Tuesday we did manage to dig up some stone tiles across the lawn that just didn’t look good anymore. I carried the tiles away and used them to make a path and a small step up to my gran’s new tool shed. Bollan and Glyptodon tried to reach the door, but even together they are a bit too short. Fortunately my grandmother is a little taller 🙂
Carrying all those tiles were hard work, and the next day I was so stiff and sore all over I could barely move! But the work was worth it. We dug up a new flowerbed and used the turf to fill in the gaps from the stone tiles, and voila – the lawn is all pretty again AND my gran has a new place to put even more flowers 🙂
Then it was rainy again for several days, until Sunday and yesterday, when I could finally start painting a couple of garden benches. There are lots more to paint, so I’ll have work to do all weekend when I’m not preparing for the fair. Have I told you about that? Hm.. Well, it’s a fair. Don’t know what else to call it. There will be food and drink to buy, an art exhibit by local people (paintings, sculpture and photography), crafty people selling their stuff, and there will be some entertainment. Among other things there’ll be a play, which I have two different parts in. Very scary. Thankfully we’re not supposed to speak, because everything’s been recorded beforehand 🙂 Most of this will happen outside at the harbor on Sunday (want to keep some privacy, so I won’t tell you excactly where it is – it’s where I come from and it’s a pretty small place). Since I haven’t been outside much I’ve had plenty of time to finish the stuff I’m going to sell at the fair 🙂 Here it is:
I don’t count on selling all these things, but it’s good to be prepared 🙂 I have have so many different things that even if I only sell one of each, I’ll still be half-way to a new laptop! Yay 😀 Tomorrow afternoon I’m going back to my grandmother’s again and I probably won’t return to civilization until the fair is done on Sunday evening…

The Oystercatchers have left the building…

But there’s a new pair of birds in the house! Well, on the house anyway 🙂 According to the comments there are actually several new birds on the roof, but the camera is now showing a nesting Common Gull (Larus Canus, the North American variety is also called Mew Gull). There are also two pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Larus Fuscus) with new chicks 🙂
As you can see the nest is not in the same spot as the Oystercatchers’, but it’s not very far away. The Oystercatcher chick is actually still roaming around up there, but it’s a large roof, so I doubt he will be seen on camera again. Here are some funny pictures of the little darling:

Despite the parents’ best effort to hatch that last egg (they even tried to feed it!), it never hatched, and on Thursday the family finally left the nest for good.
This week the egg was checked, and they found it had not been fertilized, which is sort of good. Another year one of the chicks had died just days from hatching 😦 But this year’s chick (now named Tjeldrik) is growing and doing just fine! He has been weighed and ringed so we can find him again when he grows up 🙂 He will stay on the roof for another week or two, then he’ll jump the 20m down on the lawn and join his parents in the park 🙂

(Picture from Facebook)