Pattern of the week: Great Big Aphid

It’s May already! Can you believe it? I’m still somewhere in February…


But let’s celebrate that spring is coming by making some great big aphids that won’t destroy your roses 😀 The pattern is now discounted on both Etsy and Ravelry, and will be until the end of the week 🙂

I’ve been really busy with my big secret project lately, and again I’ve failed to advertise as much as I should about my weekly pattern from last week, the Great Big Bumblebee, so I’m going to leave the discount for another week to give people more time to pick it up cheaper 🙂


On Etsy and Ravelry.

My next post will be a reveal of my big project… stay tuned! 😀


Pattern of the week: Great Big Bumblebee

We’re almost at the end of April, and it should be spring, but it’s still very cold and wet and sometimes snowy outside… And yet, I’ve been seeing the first bumblebee queens buzzing around these last few days, and I figure that’s reason enough to celebrate, right? So this week’s pattern on sale is of course the Great Big Bumblebee 😀

About my patterns

Get it at a reduced price until next Sunday, the 30th of April 🙂 Available on Etsy and Ravelry. Yay, spring! Well, almost 😛

March update and Easter patterns

Hi! It’s been a while… This monthly update is almost three weeks late, and I haven’t posted about the last couple of weekly patterns either, so there’s a lot to catch up!


First, here’s how far I’ve gotten on my temperature blanket 🙂 I managed to take this picture of the completed month of March, but then I never got round to blogging about it. It may look like all the ends are nicely woven in, but really they’re just cleverly hidden under the blanket 😛 I fell behind for a while and was suddenly in a hurry to catch up before March ended so I could take the picture. I’ve since added some of the hexes for April, but I’m falling behind again because of work and holidays and other craft projects, so we’ll see if I can manage to catch up towards the end of this month…


Last day of March was a warm one! 🙂

Second, I’ve been slacking with my Pattern of the Week posts as well, and I do apologise. I had two Eastery pattern for sale, but I think I forgot to post anything about them, except for maybe on Twitter. I was suddenly called in to work for several days, and then we were going away for the Easter (which is really long here in Norway), so we were busy packing and stuff. And while we were away (until yesterday), internet was limited, so I tried to keep my posting and photo uploads to a minimum. Not the best advertisement strategy, though…

But even if you missed out on these pattern deals during the holiday, you can still get the patterns now and then make them for next year or something 🙂 I will keep them discounted for another week, or week and a half, since it’s now Thursday. So you have until Sunday the 30th 😀


Easter pattern number one, my Jellybean Bunnies! Pattern available on Etsy and Ravelry 🙂


Pattern number two, volume 1 of the Forest Dwellers. Because there’s a bunny! Pattern available on Etsy and Ravelry 🙂

Hope you’ve been well! Will post again in not too long 🙂

New pattern: Moray Eel :)

Surprise, I have finished a new crochet pattern! 😀


I started this thing a long time ago. According to my Instagram, I thought I would have this pattern ready in March last year. But for various reasons that didn’t happen, and this cool fishie sort of got lost in the shuffle. Didn’t take me long to finish him now, though 🙂


The pattern is up on Etsy and Ravelry, and I’ve decided that this will be the pattern of the week as well. So this is currently listed at a lower price and will continue to be on sale for a week. Get it now if you want to save 😀