I’m back! I think :)

I’m not sure what happened, I definitely didn’t mean to be absent for so long… I think my last post was back in February, so eight months ago :/ And not counting Tunisian crochet, I haven’t touched a crochet hook since Christmas or something, the last thing I remember finishing was a Christmas present or two.

This year has been a bit odd for me. It’s been… well, it’s been something :/ I won’t bother you with personal details, but I now feel like I’m ready to pick up my hooks again and try to bring my etsy shop back to life. I’m actually working on some stuff right now! I won’t promise too much and end up stressing myself out of my mind by setting a deadline, but hopefully I’ll have something to show you pretty soon 🙂

I had some other patterns in the works as well, stuff I started a long time ago, but about a month ago the memory card in my phone died and took a year’s worth of photos with it, including some progress photos for two or three patterns I was working on… And that didn’t exactly help keep me motivated 😦

Of course, Halloween is coming up and I really wanted to make something for it, but I realized it wasn’t going to happen, so instead I’m just taking it easy and try to enjoy some relaxed crocheting for a change. So I hope to be back with a new post in not too long 🙂


Any comments?

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