Adventures in weaving

I’ve taken up weaving! Again:) I have done tapestry weaving before, though it must be fifteen years ago or something, so I’m not sure it counts anymore πŸ˜› A few years ago I did a little bead weaving, and now I felt it was time to try yet another variant. Or two…


Remember I mentioned a new thing I started last week? Tablet weaving! I’ve seen it on blogs a few times and wanted to learn for a long time, so I watched a few YouTube videos and got to work. First I designed a simple pattern and made some cards:


I just cut 5Γ—5 cm cardboard squares from the back of an empty notebook, rounded the corners a little bit and made four holes in each card with a standard hole punch.


To make long ribbons you will either need some sort of loom to wrap lengths of warp around, or you attach one end to something in the house and the other end to a harness thingy that goes around your waist. But I had neither, so I decided to just make a short band and tied my warp around an open cardboard box.


At first it was very confusing, as the pattern just wouldn’t show up. And when it finally did, it still didn’t look like it should. Eventually, after a few inches of trying different things, it came out more or less like I designed it:


But then, when I ran out of warp and took it off the box… well… I think I may have woven the whole thing backwards, because the other side just looked so much better. So neat!


I don’t know, man πŸ˜› Have to do some more research and try again, I guess.

I’ve sworn I won’t go and invest in a bunch of books and fancy tools for any new hobbies before I’ve actually tried it for a while and decided if it’s something I’ll keep doing or not. Because I’ve done that a few times before… Ahem. But I feel like I’ve done well with this, I made my own cards and everything πŸ™‚


Any comments?

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