Short wrist warmers


And yet another WiP finished πŸ™‚

Started these in January last year, shortly after I learned nalbinding. They were pretty much done, until I decided to knit an edge on the front. Got tired of knitting with black mohair (very hard to see and keep track of stitches, and nearly impossible to unravel) and put them aside for a while. And that while became a very long while πŸ˜›


Last night I did the two rounds that were left on one and knitted all of the other edge as well, and I stitched them up this morning. It didn’t take more than an hour in total. I picked up 29 sts for the edge, increased to 42 sts, knit about four rounds, did a round with holes, and then another six rounds. Folded the knitting inwards and stitched along the edge. So nice and comfy πŸ™‚


The black stitches on the wrist edge were really supposed to be the other way around, facing outwards, as it were, but I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. So this is how it went. (Someone said YouTube tutorial? Oh well, next time πŸ˜› )


Any comments?

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