There, I can breathe again :)

Yesterday I had my final math exam, and today I’m at my in-laws’ house, where we’re staying for the holidays.

This semester has been unusually hectic for me, both with school work and things that I’ve made. I’ve crocheted a lot, plus I’ve been experimenting with a few new crafts πŸ™‚ I just haven’t found the time to blog about it (except for the odd photo on Instagram).

All presents are now finished and most have been shipped off, so now I get to relax and crochet stuff just for me again πŸ™‚ Perhaps I’ll start a new bug?

Unfortunately I don’t have regular access to wifi here, so I can’t fill this post with pictures like I’d like to, but I’ll try to come back after the holidays with a longer summary post of this year’s projects and experiments πŸ™‚


Any comments?

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