Policy change & pattern upgrade

A while ago I decided to change my policy about selling items made from my patterns. I originally didn’t want people selling the things they made, because I felt like protecting myself, you know, but now I’ve changed my mind. Because really, when someone invests time, money (for yarn etc) and energy to make something, why shouldn’t they be allowed to sell it? It’s not like I want to keep the market for myself or anything, because I don’t take commissions, and therefore I don’t gain anything from not allowing people to sell things. I’ve had a few requests about buying finished amis, but I’ve turned them all down. It’s probably disappointing, so here are the reasons why I don’t sell any of my finished items online:

1: The shipping costs to anywhere outside of Norway would be horrific. The Bugs are pretty heavy, and shipping would probably cost as much as the Bug itself. It’s a bit better for the Dudes, but shipping would still be out of proportion to the item price, which I think would put most buyers off. And grouping several items does not automatically make shipping cheaper. Shipping costs are divided into a few weight classes, so maybe two items would have one shipping price, but a third item would raise the shipping cost dramatically. It’s just impossible to set a fixed price before everything is packed and ready (because the wrapping adds a bit of weight as well).

2: I normally only make one of each animal I design. I really can’t stand repetitive work, so making a whole batch of the same animal would be truly unispiring and most likely put me off crocheting for a while and I probably wouldn’t be able to finish it within any reasonable time frame. Some of the things I’ve made are already given away to friends and family (and some sold at a lokal market), and so I’d have to make new ones to sell online, which of course means I’d have to make them a second time…

3: I currently live in a tiny apartment with no room to store all my finished creations. Most of them are therefore moved and stashed at my grandmother’s house, which is an eight-hour drive away… So even if I still have the ami in question, I’d have to involve my entire family in finding and shipping it, either to me or the buyer, which is simply very impractical.

4: I don’t want crocheting to become a chore. Chores for me are horribly boring and I want crocheting to be fun and inspiring and not something that I feel like I have to do. I want to take my time, crochet when and what I want, and have fun while doing it. This is why I have a million projects going at once, because once inspiration strikes, I simply have to try that idea out before it goes away. And then other things get put aside for a while and may or may not be picked up again later. I guess I am what you call a scatter-brain, and I don’t feel like that’s going to change anytime soon πŸ˜›

5: I am a university student with a part-time job, and sometimes even a social life. I don’t work or study by a very fixed schedule, so there’s no way of knowing when I have time to crochet. And after school I’m often too drained of energy to sit down and design anything. Other times I have assignments that take up all my free time, sometimes I just don’t feel like crocheting at all, and I’m just parked in front of the TV like a zombie. So it’s just difficult to make any promises because life tends to get in the way.

There’s just one little issue with this policy change, though… And that is that most of my patterns includes a note that says that the finished items cannot be sold. This needs to be changed to avoid any confusion, because the shop description in my Etsy shop says that items can be sold, but when people open the pattern document, it clearly states that selling finished items is not allowed. But in order to change the patterns I need the original Word documents (because I can’t edit the PDFs), and of course they are all on my laptop back home… I’ve tried downloading the files from my Dropbox, but somehow the formatting gets completely messed up, so I have to wait until I get home after the summer to edit and re-upload all the patterns. The reason I’m doing this now is because Etsy now provides an instant download service for digital files (much like Ravelry), which makes my life a lot easier. This means you can get my patterns even when I’m on holiday, and you don’t have to wait for me to email them to you before you can start crocheting. Yay πŸ™‚

So to conclude: I don’t sell any of my creatures online, only the patterns, so it would only be fair if I let others sell the things they make from my patterns. That way, people that don’t crochet can get finished items from someone else πŸ™‚ I’m working on updating and uploading my patterns to my Etsy shop, and so far I’ve uploaded eight. Those are the newest patterns that all have the updated policy. The rest will unfortunately have to wait a while longer.

On a different note, the weather today is fantastic, so later I’ll take the last photos of the Great Big Honey Bee, and hopefully the pattern will be up by tomorrow πŸ˜€


Any comments?

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