Summer update

Or summer-ish, rather. The weather here is so horrible that you wouldn’t think it was mid-July. Cold, rainy and windy. And foggy. Lots and lots of fog. Bleh!

IMAG2103The beginning of summer was okay, and I spent about a week just relaxing and doing a little bit of work outside, fixed some garden furniture and mowed the lawn. It was pretty nice and quiet. Then I started work, and things were a bit hectic while we got the tourist information office up and running. Then my mother and I went to Oslo for a weekend for a Green Day concert (which was awesome, by the way!), and when we got home, the weather had decided it was fall already.

So, since I got back in early July I’ve had a bit of time to crochet during quiet time at work (which is really most of the time, since the tourists mostly flee from this weather), and now I’m almost done with two critters πŸ™‚ I thought I’d finish them sooner, but I’ve had this other thing that’s been taking up a bit of my time lately…


A few weeks ago I went and bought myself a Nintendo 3DS! Wanted one for years, and now I could finally afford it πŸ™‚ I immediately started planning to either sew or crochet a case for it (because that’s what I do with all my gadgets), but then I found this online:


Have you ever seen anything cuter? Well, it could’ve been a hedgehog, but they didn’t have that, so a meerkat was really the best thing πŸ™‚ I now have a bunch of games as well, so maybe I’ll make a bag for them instead. But right now I’m trying to finish my other critters as fast as I can, because I’ve realized that I’ll be going home to the boyfriend in a little over two weeks, and I had planned to leave the finished critters behind (my luggage will be stuffed enough without a pile of huge amigurumi animals).

The two animals are almost done, I hope I’ll finish them today and tomorrow, and if the weather allows it, I can go outside and take some cover photos and have the patterns up before the weekend. Wish me luck πŸ˜›


Any comments?

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