Best games ever :)

The Olympic Games are over, and so are the Ravellenics. I had more projects planned than I had time to finish, but I’m pretty happy with my results anyway. Eight projects done, six of which were things that I’d been working on for far too long. Didn’t even make a dent in my pile of wips, but I’m very happy that I at least got some done πŸ™‚ Wish this sort of event would happen more often than every other year…

I could’ve finished one more item, but I realized that I hadn’t brought enough yarn, so I let it go and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing instead πŸ™‚

I really wanted to do more for the Games, but I didn’t count on having to dig my projects out from the bottom of our moving load… Would have knitted at least one tiny Mochi, and perhaps even finished another Hansigurumi, but life got in the way. Packing and sorting out what to pack and what to throw away took too much time. Boo.

But all in all this has been a fun event! Definitely participating next time as well πŸ™‚ Time to get back to the Dudes and the Bug I was working on before the games. And of course back to school next week…


Any comments?

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