Ugly potholders

My second Ravellenic project, finished last night. Entered in both in Home Stuff Hammerthrow and Synchronized Stash Busting (yarn must be a year or older).

I can’t stand these colors. I like the turquoise fine on its own, but not in this combination. The reason I picked these colors was simply because they were the only ones I brought with me on holiday. I intended to use them to tie my hair (which is now dreaded) so they matched an outfit I brought. (Of course I ended up wearing something else, so the yarn was never used.)

The yarn has been in my stash for at least two years. It’s possible that the light blue was bought for the last potholders I made, in 2010, but the turquoise was one of the first yarns I bought back when I learned to crochet. That was in 2008. Old yarn!

Didn’t quite know what to do with this pair, but for some reason my grandmother really liked them, so I gave them to her. Don’t really match any colors in her kitchen, though… πŸ™‚

Another picture taken in daylight. Not sure which of the photos have the most correct colors…


Any comments?

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