Ravellenic Games!

Formerly known as the Ravellympics… The opening ceremony of the London Olympics is just about to start, so I’m sitting here with my yarn, crochet hooks and gimping tool, ready to go πŸ™‚


Over the next couple of weeks, for the duration of the Olympic Games, Ravelry hosts a number of events that crafters participate in to make things. For some events we will start new projects, finish old ones, and even frog projects that will never happen. Find more info about the various events HERE.

I will be finishing up some things that I haven’t worked on for ages, using up some old yarn from my stash, and make a pair of wrist warmers. If there’s time, I will make some new amis for the Toy Toss event as well.

I will have kind of a slow start to my games, because most of my things are back at the apartment, and I won’t get there until some time next week. Also these games happen to end just around the time when school starts, so I can’t let the crafting take over completely. But this is a nice incentive to get things done and finish up some old WiPs.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting quite excited πŸ™‚


Any comments?

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