Christmas Dudes x 2!

I am so happy to have not one, but TWO new patterns to share with you! The past two weeks I’ve been working very hard on some Cute Little Dudes patterns for the holiday, and last night they were both finally done and listed both on Ravelry and on Etsy. Here are all the Dudes together:
Set one is Santa, Reindeer & Snowman; set two is Angel, Gingerbread man & Gnome. Most of these Dudes are a little different from the other sets I’ve made as I’ve never done humans/humanoids before. It was fun! More animals to come later, though πŸ™‚
In terms of difficulty these Dudes are not more complicated than the rest, but some of them do have a lot of details. The angel’s hair can be a bit tricky if you’re not used to putting hair on dolls, but I’ve explained things as best I can and I hope it makes sense πŸ™‚
I wanted to have the patterns up by December 1st (which is today already – yikes!), and I did! Very pleased with myself for that πŸ™‚ Now, however, I kind of have a little problem. I should be finishing up two new Bugs (really not that much left to do), but I seem to be stuck in Dude mood… It’s been so long since last time that I want to make more right away! What to do, what to do…

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