Great Big Dung Beetle… with Dung!

If anyone thinks that I’ve been a little absent lately it’s because I suddenly found myself stranded at my grandmother’s this weekend, and nobody thought to bring a laptop so I could get on the internet. The weekend was still fun, even though I felt a little lost (addicted? me? nooo….), and I finally managed to finish the latest Great Big Bug πŸ™‚
Here is the Great Big Dung Beetle, complete with her Great Big Ball of Dung! Well, I’m only guessing it’s a she, since the dung balls are used for laying eggs in, and then serves as food for the beetle babies. For all I know both the male and the female beetles collect dung, but I do know that they are pretty precious to them, they have huge fights over these smelly (I think) little balls πŸ™‚ Really cute critters, aren’t they? Dung beetles come in lots of different colors and sizes, some have really cool antlers for fighting and attracting mates, and only some of them actually make balls of dung that they move around by rolling it. My dung beetle, however, is based on the kind that was sacred in Ancient Egypt, which is very plain (though it’s not known exactly which species the Egyptians depicted). The Egyptian god Kheper was depicted either as a human with a beetle instead of his head, or as a scarab beetle rolling the sun across the sky. This dung beetle is actually all black, but I made mine partially blue, sort of to show that it’s all shiny, but also because I didn’t want it to become too boring πŸ™‚
The ball can be attached to the back of the beetle with little pieces/strips of black Velcro on the beetle’s back legs and abdomen. Looks like she’s rolling it, right? πŸ™‚ The pattern is as always added to my Ravelry store and will be listed on Etsy soon.

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