Great Big Fly

Yesterday I finally sat down and made the remaining four legs for the Great Big Fly, and now he’s all done! I gave him red eyes because house flys have red eyes, and not because I wanted him to be scary 🙂
The pattern is ready, but unfortunately I’m not able to upload it to Ravelry yet. I have to wait a couple of days until I go by my mother’s place again, this connection is so slow that everything freezes if I upload anything much bigger than 1mb :/ Oh well, this way you’ll have something to look forward to! :p
The fly pattern is the same difficulty as the other bug patterns, but there is no embroidery on this one. I just couldn’t resist the temptation to make a more realistic mouth part, and after that it became a little weird to have a smiling mouth as well.
Oh, and the fly is really a he. I have referred to it as a she earlier, but when I finished it today it became clear that it’s actually a male fly 🙂 Here he is checking out the garden bench I’ve painted earlier (today I did the black on the sides, it smelled awful). For some reason flies seem to be very attracted to fresh paint… But don’t worry – he was very careful not to get any wet paint on him!

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