The market

I know I promised to write more about the market and how it went, but I’ve been held up with computer trouble and work the past days, so it’s a little late. But now it’s time to dig up some pictures and make a real post πŸ™‚
The market thing was supposed to start at noon on Sunday, but we had to be there very early to do one final rehearsal for the play, and still have time to prepare our sales tables afterwards. We got there at nine thirty in the morning, like we were told, but most people didn’t show up until ten… The lady in charge was going crazy with stress and nerves, poor thing, so people being late did not help at all :/ This is the fifth year this market is arranged (but my first time to be home in time to participate), and she has finally had enough, she says she’ll never do it again…Β 
I wish I had some photos from the actual performance of the play, but I couldn’t find anyone to use my camera. I have asked to get copies from a friend, but I haven’t got them yet, so here are some pictures I took at the rehearsals:
A big troll throwing the island further out into the sea so he could pass with his boat (the people in the background are a family that sort of tells all the stories that the actors play out – while the storyteller is talking, everything else has been recorded beforehand)
A ship in a storm – crew falling on top of each other
Two kids and a dead noble lady (a very floppy doll!)
See something I’ve shown you before? :p The three of them are supposed to be the divers that discovered a famous shipwreck just outside where I live, and the colors are to show where they are from. The guys in hats are supposed to be Swedish, and the one in orange and blue is from a nearby town – he’s wearing the colors of the football team πŸ™‚
After the rehearsal I had to run to set up my stuff, and fortunately my aunt had secured a table for me πŸ™‚ It was madness, with people taking other people’s places… It was inside a large tent/pavillion with the front wall removed, so it was nice and open. Thankfully the weather was good (not too hot and not too cold – and not raining!), so I didn’t freeze. Here is my table of stuff for sale:
I was in place with all my things about eleven thirty, and before the gates were open for real (at noon) I had sold three things! The hedgehog Dude went first, then the Great Big Bumblebee, and then the black and white crocheted hat πŸ™‚ I sold a lot of things to people I know (or people who know me through my mother), but there were also complete strangers from other places. I talked to lots of nice people and some very enthusiastic children, got served hot dogs and cake (because I couldn’t leave my stand), AND I actually made money πŸ˜€ I did not come there expecting to sell much, because there aren’t that much people (somewhere between four and five hundred tickets sold, plus a lot of children under 16 who got in for free), so I’m extremely pleased! This is what I had left after the market:
And now I’ve sold even more! A lady called my mother on Monday while I was at work and said that she needed to buy some things because her son had bought something on Sunday, and her daughter was now very jealous and sad that she didn’t have any animals. I remember that the lady came to have a look on Sunday, and she said she’d come back, but unfortunately she forgot and went home. And then a friend of mine who’d promised to come to the market had also forgot, so she’s coming by to buy some things later πŸ™‚ All I have left now is three Dudes, three hats, two owlets, two cupcakes and the two tiny whales. I NEVER expected to sell that much! I actually got enough money to pay for my new laptop πŸ˜€
In the next tent there was a cafeteria, and they actually ran out of food, even though they had more than the previous year. And since food probably is the main attraction at these things, people started to leave a little early (around five). At five thirty the few harmless drops of rain that had fallen earlier suddenly turned to heavy rain, and that was pretty much the end of the show. Just as well, since it was getting cold, and the market would close at six anyway. This is a view of the market area (after a few of the stands had left because of the rain):

And this is the part of the harbor where we had the play:

After we had packed our stuff together there was a little gathering to review the day’s events and the preparations, and all in all it had been a successfull arrangement. I only hope the lady in charge decides to do it again next year, and that she is a little better at handing out work so she’s not as exhausted as she was this year… I definitely want to do it again, I had so much fun! πŸ™‚Β 

Oh, and by the way… From the sale of amigurumi animals and a few hats I made more money than I’ve made from a week of cleaning! Crocheting and designing patterns is all fun, and cleaning is hard work that kills my feet – there is not a doubt in my mind what I’d like to to for a living! :p

Any comments?

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