New patterns and stuff

The past few days have been busy (I’ve suddenly got a job and everything, but more about that later), but I’ve still managed to publish two new patterns πŸ˜€ And one of them is free, yay!Β 

Strawberries, anyone? This is the first free amigurumi pattern I’ve made in ages, so now I felt it was time for another one πŸ™‚ I know there are several free strawberry patterns out there already, but I hope you enjoy these anyway. I really like that bowl thingy, I found it by accident when I was looking for something in a cabinet, and I knew I had to make some fruit or something to put in it πŸ™‚ So I made three of these berries in an afternoon, in between painting my grandmother’s garden furniture. You can find the pattern HERE.
The other pattern is a new set of Dudes, volume 3 of the Forest Dwellers: beaver, skunk & mouse πŸ™‚
So far I have only added the pattern on Ravelry, because I’m considering giving up on my Etsy shop. Except from one sale I’ve only sold my patterns through Ravelry. The latter is also a lot cheaper, which for me is a very good reason to ditch Etsy for selling.Β  A while ago I got both an Etsy bill and a Ravelry bill, and they were as good as identical. The difference was that the Etsy bill was (except for the one sale) all listing fees, while the Ravelry bill was only for actual sales! I’ll naturally keep my Etsy account to buy patterns, but I think I’ll just let my current listings expire and not renew them. We’ll see…
Oh, and another thing… My Great Big Dragonfly is apparently not a Dragonfly at all, but a Damselfly! Thanks to Weird Bug Lady for pointing it out (on Twitter) πŸ™‚ The difference is in the wings and the eyes. The dragonfly’s eyes are very large and meet on top of the head, while the damselfly has separate eyes on the sides of the head. The damselfly also has four virtually identical wings, and the dragonfly has broader back wings. Also, most damselflies fold their wings back along their body when resting, which dragonflies never do. There you have it πŸ™‚ (Though I will not change the name of my pattern, just thought I’d clear things up! I like things to be correct.) Images from Wikipedia:

By the way, my work on the Great Big Fly I’ve mentioned has stagnated a bit lately, so I don’t know when the pattern will be ready… I’m just so tired of making legs :/ I have finished four Bugs so far, including one spider, which makes a total of 18 legs! That’s a record of identical parts I’ve ever made πŸ™‚ I’ve had little time for crafting the past two weeks (except to finish my stuff for the market), and when I have had the time I haven’t felt like doing something repetative like bug legs… I’ve wanted to do something else, like crocheting strawberries or stitching up a tiny meerkat πŸ˜€

Over the weekend with the market over and done with I hope to find some more energy to finish the Bugs I’m working on, but I also have a physically demanding job right now, which I aslo have to walk to (20 minutes uphill to get there!), so when I get home I just crash on the couch… I should be done with the job some day next week, so hopefully… πŸ™‚

Update: As one of my readers pointed out, the number of bug legs is supposed to be 26, not 18 πŸ™‚ However, I have made two of the legs for the fly, so I guess that makes it 28! I think I counted four legs on each bug and six on the spider yesterday. Or something. I don’t know, I don’t really do math, numbers just get me all confused :p

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