I just remembered…

I forgot to post about my new pattern on Tuesday! The Great Big Ladybug πŸ˜€
I’ve been busy watching the Oystercatchers and studying for my final exam, plus a few other things (like my mother is coming to visit later today, and we need really to get the house in order first!), but the pattern was listed on Etsy and Ravelry as planned. I just forgot to tell you about it :p

Like the other bugs she is made all in single crochet, except for the eyelids and thin legs, using mainly a 4.5mm crochet hook. She measures 22cm from head to tail. She is also very vain, and loves to look at herself in the mirror!
It is said that it’s good luck if a ladybug sits on you, so I guess I should bring her with me to my exam tomorrow! I think I need it :/
I should also have finished the latest Dudes pattern today, but I’ve run out of stuffing and I haven’t taken the time to go out to buy a new bag, so the pattern will have to wait a few more days. It will probably be ready on Saturday πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “I just remembered…

  1. Sorry! Was in a hurry when I wrote that 😦
    Of course I meant to write: YOU have an Award to get on my blog =)
    Wish you a nice sunday!

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