Hooray for Norway!

Today’s the national day of Norway, our Constitution is 196 years old πŸ™‚ It’s celebrated by parades and people wearing nice clothes and eating lots of good food (= hamburgers, sandwitches & hot dogs) and ice cream. All the kids run around and blow in whistles and toy trumpets that make horrible sounds, and then some inmportant people and the king give speeches. To finish the day there is usually fireworks in the bigger towns. This is what that looked like tonight from the Oystercatcher‘s view (the picture is black&white because it’s dark outside):
I haven’t really celebrated it for years, it’s too noisy and crowded and the weather is always bad. We did celebrate a little, because Bollan and her family wanted to. Click HERE for the whole story πŸ™‚

I just take it as a good day to relax, watch TV and do nothing useful, except crocheting a lot πŸ˜€


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