Great Big Bumblebee pattern & more

I managed to finish the patterns sooner than I thought (I e-mailed the documents to my aunt who converted them to PDF and sent them back to me), so I actually listed the Bumblebee pattern yesterday. And I’ve made a sale already, can you believe that? I almost don’t πŸ˜€ You find my Etsy shop HERE.
Oh, I forgot to mention in the post yesterday that the body of the bumblebee is brushed to make it furry and fuzzy and cute like a real bumblebee πŸ™‚ The pattern is actually based on the Buff-tailed Bumblebee, which is the most common species in Europe.
I edited my old Kitty Princess pattern and relisted it.
Also, both patterns are now found in my new Ravelry store πŸ™‚ I decided to try it because selling patterns on Ravelry is a little cheaper than Etsy, since there’s no listing fee…

One final thing… I really could use some help with this, both me and my boyfriend are stuck trying to come up with a name for this pattern set:

The pattern is as good as ready, I just need a name for the little creatures. Now, I feel like I can’t call them critters, because that would make them too similar to CraftyAlien‘s very cute knitted & felted ones. Calling them Something-something Friends also seems a little used… They are fairly small, with a flat bottom that allows them to sit up straight, and fit perfectly in you hand:

I plan to make a lot more of these sets, and not only forest animals, so I need a general name for all of them, and then the individual sets will have more specific names added to that. *sigh* Hate it when I’m stuck like this…

Ooh, I just had an idea… If I get any suggestions (as comments to this post), the winning suggestion will win a free copy of this pattern! I have a few thoughts myself, but I’m still undecided, so you have a fair chance of your name suggestion being picked πŸ˜€ (If I come up with a name myself you can still get the pattern from one of my stores..)

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